Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I can only laugh at those who tried to defend Justice Jose Sabio Jr., especially to those who even claimed that Justice Sabio is incorruptible!

This is BULLSHIT! What can you say now apologists of Justice Sabio? To begin with, his brother Camilo Sabio, Chairman of PCGG has been linked in various anomalies which until now still under investigation. But certainly, Mike Arroyo (another Atenean, perhaps a member of Aquila Legis and a product of "Jesuit mafia" as some of my Atenean friends fondly call the Jesuits.) will do something to protect the members or affiliates of the Order of the Blue Eagles like Sabio.

Sadly, those who defended Justice Sabio even the venerable Fr. Bernas are already guilty of prejudice! They love their own even if they are corrupt.

With the admission of Justice Sabio, how can he now be a good example of teaching legal ethics (or ethics) for that matter? I remember the old cliche, "Verba movent, exempla trahent" Now, interpret this egoistic and righteous law students and lawyers of Ateneo... It means, "words inspire, action influence." Apparently these "incorruptible law students" of Ateneo Law School think that they're holier than cows" Hahaha! Please, no one is.

Please don't get me wrong. I love the Jesuit priests. In fact, I learned how to swim at Cervini Hall when the late Fr. Francis Joseph Heyden. S.J. of Manila Observatory taught me. But I just one to make this caveat to the idealistic law students and products of Ateneo Law School that no one is incorruptible. This is a big fallacy --- fallacy "assumptio non probata". I am not a lawyer.... I'm nobody.... but I wanna make a point to all of you that even the seemingly most holy person is still corruptible.

So, what can you say now, Justice Sabio's apologists? Is he really incorruptible? Tell that to the marines! Hahaha!

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