Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why Do Tingas Strongly Oppose the Transfer of Ampatuans in Camp Bagong Diwa Taguig

It really makes me wonder why the Tingas strongly oppose the transfer of Ampatuans in Camp Bagong Diwa. To begin with, Camp Bagong Diwa was there in their kingdom and if they don't like high profile prisoners like Ampatuans to be brought there, they should have first opposed the building of Camp Bagong Diwa there. I think this is more logical and practical than whimsically opposing it. It saddens me because the old Tinga was once a supreme court justice now aspiring to be a politician!

I can't help but to entertain my malicious thought as to why the Tingas strongly oppose the transfer.

Last Thursday night April 8, I was informed that the group of Drug Enforcement Unit Col. Cascolan raided a SHABU DEN, in Visayas Extension, Signal Village which resulted to the arrest of a certain Joey Salgado (alias Pogi). I am sure the residents are alarmed by this because right under their nose, in the beloved kingdom of the Tingas, there lies a SHABU DEN! This is not the first time that Taguig got involved in drugs and shabu trading. Now it goes BIGTIME --- from a lowly and small time trading (covert and overt trading by a certain guy wth surname of Tinga) the SHABU TRADING is now a SHABU DEN! Mama mia! What are the people in the local government doing in Taguig? What are the Tingas doing there, scratching their itchy balls? These Tingas do not deserve to be voted again. In my previous blog, I told not to do business in both Taguig and Makati because it is not only a mismanaged city not to mention corruption spawns like a pee. But also Taguig is now the "COLUMBIA OF METRO MANILA".

Well, we can't blame them if this is happening. Ikaw na ang magkatatay ng dating supreme court justice di ka ba magiging astig?

Anyway, going back to the issue, if the Ampatuans will be transferred to Camp Bagong Diwa, the security will be tightened as inevitable. Because of this, police visibility is necessary, thus interrupting illegal activities happening in Taguig. Remember, with few days away from election, this is the critical period for politicians. But why oppose the transfer when it is necessary at all? What are the Tingas afraid of? Are they afraid that they cannot protect their constituents? Saying that it is because of the danger, then I would like to ask the people now, which is dangerous, the Muslims residing in Maharlika or the Shabu Den in the midst of Taguig?

Be the judge, people of Taguig. Don't let the Tingas fool you. Be thankful that the security will be given them because in this election time, the possible hocus-focus that will be done by the Tingas, similar to the multi registrations of the oldies but goodies of Taguig will be abated. The lousy excuse of the danger is a flimsy alibi by someone who has a wicked and sinister plan this coming election.

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