Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mi ultimo adios

When the venerable Dr. Jose P. Rizal felt that his sojourn in earth will soon come into its end, he decided to pen his "Mi Ultimo Adios" or "The Last Farewell".

After the Gloria administration stint has ended, I decided to also end my blog, thus refraining from commenting on politics in my beloved country. It was indeed emotionally tiring to blog esp. if you see the chronic malady that continued to metastasize in the country during GMA's reign. I'm hopeful that in Noynoy's term, a new beginning and hope will really take place.

To be honest, BIGO ang aking GIBO, but I will throw my full support to Noynoy and his programs. Now, I will focus on my weekly column, Business Compass, which can be found at
Here I will be writing more about business issues and concerns of every Filipino globally. I don't want to see Filipinos leaving their family and work abroad. Unless the family leaves the country as expats, immigrants or permanent residents of other country because of their skills and talent. I would like to see Filipinos, becoming nation builders through entrepreneurship. By doing so, we are making our economy strong because whatever money that is used in buying and selling products remain just within our country.

Entrepreneurship will also provide local employment, encourage investors to do business with us because they will see that Filipinos are hardworking and enterprising, thus, would not think that we are not a threat to their investment. They will see enterprising Filipinos as partners in their business.

When this happens, then Philippine economy will be robust again, investors' trust and confidence will continue to rise and certainly, this positive news will spread out like wild fire throughout the entire international community.

Let's us hope and pray that this time, it will be a better year for all of us. That many Filipinos will take the "road less traveled to entrepreneurship". Surely, there's no royal road to entrepreneurship, just like the beauty and greatness of Rome was not built in one day!

To those who followed me and even shared their thoughts in my blog, maraming, maraming salamat po. We may not be able to see or assess whether this blog has truly shaken the paradigm of our politicians. But one thing is certain, I did enjoy writing despite of the threats and some character assassination hurdled at me. It's part and parcel of my job to be rebuked, threatened and even hated by the ones whom was hit by my comment.