Monday, March 17, 2008


Nakakalungkot ang nangyari sa Cebu sa pagdalaw ni Jun Lozada. Ang MASS FOR TRUTH ay nacancel for no valid reason at all. Pero di naman tayo bobo, nakakalungkot pero we have to accept the fact that the ARROVO government can use the taxpayers money to divide the nation, to hide the truth and to pay the supposed principled people like Cardinal Vidal.

Well, everyone has a price, they say.

I remember the anecdote about the honorable Ship Captain. This captain is known for his integrity and courage. He doesn't tolerate illegal stuff to be embarked in his ship. One time, a rich corrupt politician (sounds familiar isn't it?) approached the captain and convinced him to allow the shipment of illegal drugs and other smuggled goods but the good ship captain refused.

So what the rich corrupt politician did was to offer the captain P50, 000, 000.00 (fifty million pesos) hoping that the captain will accept the bribe. But still, the captain was adamant. He did not succumb to the offer of the rich corrupt politician. Then a counter offer was made by the rich corrupt politician, this time for the amount of P200,000,000.00 (two hundred million pesos). But again, the captian refused. Then the rich corrupt politician said, "Captain this will be my last offer, P 500,000, 000.00 (five hundred million pesos)". The captian was very furious, took his gun and poked to the rich corrupt politician and said, "Get out of my ship, you're getting closed to my price."

The Holy Bible said, "gold has corrupted many kings." I hope the good Cardinal Vidal and his priests would keep that in mind. Remember, "what profits a man if he gain the whole world, but lost his own soul?"

In my subject moral theology, I remember the difference between "concealment" and "lying". Obviously, these priests, cardinals and bishops who are becoming indifferent in knowing the truth about the ZTE scandal are becoming accessory to the crime and have the same moral "culpability" with those who are also keeping the truth to be known like GLORIA MACAPAL ARROVO and her Dark Knights.

Here's my closing question to the bishops and priests and above all with Cardinal Vidal, CARDINAL VIDAL, KAMPON BA KAYO NG KATOTOHANAN O NG KADILIMAN?

Nagtatanong lang po....

Friday, March 14, 2008

KAPALMUKS, another jargon we can add in ZTE SCANDAL

With the advent of new jargons namely, bukol and tongpats, I think we can add another one, this time let's call it kapalmuks (or kapal ng mukha!)

Wala ng sisidhi pa sa kakapalan ng mukha ng pamahalaan na ito na pinamumunuan ni GLORIA MACAPAL ARROVO.

They say, "a tree rots from the top and not from below". No wonder our country is going to the dogs now. The continuous braggadocio and propaganda of our government are all covered with lies. The economy may have grown in "numbers" not because of the economic policies of this rotten government but because of the remmitance sent by our hardworking "labor exports". Di ba KAPALMUKS talaga? Taking the credit from the Filipinos who left their family behind in order to provide food on the table of every family. Remember, this was the "positioning" of the government in the campaign made by GMA. Where's the food? Eh yung fertelizer nga na makakatulong sa mga magsasaka ninakaw pa ng gobyernong ito? At nasaan si Jojoc? Ayun nagpapasarap sa Amerika. Di ba KAPALMUKS talaga!

I can cite so many instances that this government is indeed KAPALMUKS PAR EXCELLENCE. Di naman tayo bulag eh, di ba?

After all GMA is just being true to her initial - GLORIA MAKAPAL AKO. In short, KAPALMUKS AKO.

Well, that's another jargon we can add care of ZTE scandal. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Quo vadis, Joker Arroyo?

I remember during the seemingly blockbuster "tele-drama" of Erap's impeachment trial, my "idol" Joker Arroyo, impressed the lawyers, law students, students and all televiewers nationwide on how brilliantly and gallantly he established that the forged signature of Jose Velarde was that of Erap.

To further dramatize it, he even hit the last nail that sealed Erap's coffin by saying, "This country cannot be run by a thief." I am sure, back then, everybody who were watching nodded to agree to this fiery statement of Joker Arroyo.

But apparently, Joker was just joking after all.

Why? Because he knows in is heart and mind that the "faked Philippine president" GLORIA MACAPAL ARROVO is also a thief, right? But how come he could not condemn GMA with the same intensity? Granting if not on the same intensity, what makes it sickening is the fact that Joker is brazenly protecting GMA. He became an apologist of GMA. What could be the reason? Until now, I cannot fathom the reason behind his continuous Pro-GMA stand? Is it because he received something in return from GMA?

This seemingly senile actuation of Joker Arroyo is so disgusting. It appears that Joker is not even interested to know the truth! So, what gives? Is he keeping something from the Filipino people? Is he trying to protect GMA? Or is he trying to protect himself? That, we still don’t know. UNLESS HE WOULD ALLOW THE TRUTH TO COME OUT, HE WOULD NEVER BE CLEARED ON THIS MATTER. AND I AM SURE, MANY OTHER FILIPINOS ALL OVER THE WORLD FELT BETRAYED FOR JOKER'S JOKE. AS INEVITABLE, FILIPINOS ALL OVER THE WORLD WILL UNCEASANTLY LAMBAST JOKER ARROYO FOR HIS CONTINUOUS BIAS IN FAVOR OF GMA. LASTLY, PEOPLE WILL NOT WANE TO QUEST FOR TRUTH AND JUSTICE.

As for Joker, there are only two reasons why you behave that way. Either you have been bought by GMA or you are already suffering from senelity. Either way, it's no good for you.

Remember, when the leopard dies, he will leave his skin, the man his dignity.

Quo vadis, JOKER ARROYO? Quo vadis, Pilipinas?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


After the "bukol" that was disclosed by Jun Lozada, now a new jargon is added --- "tongpats" or simply "patong". Whatever you wanna call it, it's just a matter of semantics. In short, "tongpats" or "bukol" are synonymous to kurakot.

Grabe talaga itong gobyernong to. Ang hilig hilig talaga. But the question is, given a choice "PAPATUNGAN MO BA SI GLORIA?" Ako hindi. Hindi ko din sya bubukulan. Nakakasula eh. Looking at her smirked and hypocrite smile, I cannot help but to puke profusely.

Wag na nating bukulan o patungan si GLORIA kawawa naman sya. Tuldukan na lang natin ang kanilang patuloy na pagbubukol o pagpapatong na patuloy na nagbabaon sa ating paghihirap.

Mas maganda siguro kung pagpatungpatungin natin silang lahat at saka liyaban ng buhay habang binabato sila ng tinapay na may kasamang garapon. Hahaha!


Monday, March 10, 2008

CONGRATULATIONS to GLORIA MACAPAL-ARROVO for giving (dis)honor to our country and its people

Mga kababayan, there is no reason to sulk. GLORIA MACAPAL, ay MACAPAGAL ARROVO, ay ARROYO pala has two major accomplishments in the Philippine history that she can brag about:

For the record, GMA is the only president in the entire history of the Philippine from the time of Aguinaldo, that has made ATENEO and LA SALLE synergized for a cause. Isn't that a great accomplishment? ANIMO LA SALLE! ANIMO ATENEO!

Not but not the least, the Philippines from second most corrupt country in ASIA, is now ranked as FIRST and the MOST CORRUPT country in Asia. I would not wonder if eventually we will be number one in the whole world.

With this kind of government, kulang na lang pati utot kukuhanan ng komisyon o kotong. Ang lupit talaga. This government wouldn't even mind allowing other countries to explore our own domain at the expense of our security and in exchange for a few million dollar loan.

Allowing that is tantamount to inviting a guest in your own home and let the guest rape either your wife or one of your daughters.

Ganun na talaga ang pamahalaan na ito. Bastusan na ika nga.

My late mother said, "when one is rude, don't make it two." Sorry, 'Nay to defy you. I won't be able to follow that noble axiom." When the government is rude, fight them back. Don't take it sitting down. Condemn their indifference.

Kayo mga kababayan, will you just allow yourself to be identified with the most corrupt country in Asia? I think that's also the strategy of the government, that is, to embarrass their kababayans so that her kababayans will just leave the county, work in other country, send money to the Philippines so that GMA can brag again that she made the Philippine Economy strong. ULOL! DREAM ON GMA! Saying that is like saying that you've grown several inches high. Hahahaha.

Guys, let’s congrats PHILIPPINES for being the most corrupt country in Asia.
Let’s congrats GMA’s nincompoop cabinet members. And above all, let's congrats GMA for a well done job. Email her, write editors, write a blog.

As Bernard Shaw said, "To withhold deserved praise lest it should make its object conceited is as dishonest as to withhold payment of a just debt lest your creditor should spend the money badly."

CONGRATULATIONS to GLORIA MACAPAL-ARROVO for giving (dis)honor to our country and its people!

Tumiklop ka din JESLI!

Finally, the stubborness of Jesli Lapuz, the uneducated Secretary of Education suddenly folded up in implementing the Memoradum No. 13.

Why did it happen? Because he cannot stand the heat of the oven, hence, he got out of the kitchen. Guys, let's not get tired pressuring Malacanan thru email and copy all our relatives and friends abroad especially the ones who are labelled or called by the government "BAGONG BAYANI" pero pag dating sa airport kinikikilan! The only time our balikbayans and OFWs experience "smooth sailing thru all the queues at the airport is when the government come up again with their "HYPOCRITE PROGRAM" of "Salubungin ang Mga Bagong Bayani". Otherwise, the ordeal is the. The cycle never ends especially among the "Bureau of Cost-Tong" personnel.

Nakakalungkot, barya-barya na nga lang tinitira pa! Nakakasuka. Imagine the sacrifice of our OFWS and Balikbayans who are actually made our country's economy look good at least in the paper. Saying that our economy is good but the people don't feel the effect, is akin to telling the people I will feed you with ham, but I will just hang it on the beam!

I can analyze the dynamics of the behavior of the people in the government, esp. that of GMA. They will try to push everyone and everything to the limit, even the law, they are willing to bend it for their own sake and benefit.

Let us be vigilant. Let us continueencouraging our relatives and friends to write the government, newspapers and come up with blog condemning the corruption in the government. Let us not give up and lose hope.

Look at stubborn Jesli. tumiklop din ang hunghang!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hoy JESLI, wag kang sipsip!

Ito talaga ang pinakawalanghiyang administrasyon. Ika nga, "what are we in power for"?

Tignan mo si Jesli Lapuz, anong uri ng paninipsip ang ginagawa ng hayup na ito? Una sa lalawigan nya sa Tarlac, ang mga overpass along the highway papunta Luisita, nakalagay, PGMA's overpass!!!! Tangna nyo, pera ba ng presidente nyong pandak ang ginamit dun at di na kayo nahiya?

Ilang taon din makikita ang nakakasukang overpass at nakakainsulto sa mga taxpayers. Ilang beses ko din isinulat sa letters to the editor at tila sa kanila it was no big deal. So, nag-email blast na lang ako, at thank God, binura na nila kamakailan ang nakasulat dun. Dapat lang no?

Ngayon ang nakakalungkot, ang DepEd memorandum order No. 13 na nilabas ni Jesli na nagbabawal sa pag imbita kay Jun Lozada ay isa na namang garapal at di pinag-isipang memo. Eh tangna matagal ng mga politiko na iniimbita kaliwa't-kanan. Ang masaklap pa yung iba nga nagge-gatecrash para lamang makapagsalita sa madla. Itong memo na ito ay isang kabobohan na nanggaling sa bobong education secretary na ang gusto lamang ipilit ay ang "cyber education" na di naman kailangan pero mapagkwakwartahan.

Para sa kaalalam ng nga taong bayan, si Jesli diumanoy maraming alingasngas sa Landbank ng siya pa ang pangulo nito. Mga daw diumanong nakurakot ito from "behest loans", even corporate give-aways ng Landbank ginamit nya sa kampanya nya sa Tarlac, pero di sya nakakasuhan. Bakit kaya? Ngayon, he is trying his luck in "cyber education" na makukurakutan.

The students need to know the truth. Whether they're students from state owned schools or universities or private. Jesli does not have the right to withhold the truth. Nakakahiya sya ha, education secretary pa sya.

Plato is right, in his work, The Allegory of Cave. In a nutshell, he beleives that "if all people were educated, there would be no slaves. Slaves that have fetters of iron on their neck. Whatever is told them, they believe them in absolute truth because that's what they only see.

If these students will be deprived of the truth, they will believe that the lies made by this goverment are the truth, no matter how incongrous it is. Ikanga, who the hell cares except the care bears!

Sana marealize nila ang katotohanan ay dapat nilalahad. Kaya Jesli, HOY, WAG KANG SIPSIP!


The news broke that GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROVO, ay ARROYO pala is the most corrupt president the Philippines ever had, I never doubted it. It is the TRUTH! A truth beyond reasonable doubt.

I remember in one of my major subjects in philosophy, Epistemology, the truth is defined as "conformity of mind with the reality". And the news about GMA is the most corrupt president, all our minds conform with the reality that indeed, GMA is corrupt... CORRUPTION BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT. Furthermore, it is a just simple case of "AGERE SEQUITO ESSE.... " Action follows being.

Let me cite the reasons why the people jumped into conclusion that GMA is the most corrupt president:

1) ERAP stole the jueteng money, but not the people's money. But in the case of GMA, tangna, kaliwat-kanan na walang humpay at garapalang kurapsyon. Pati na nga ang pagbabago ng passport pinagkakwartahan. Sa akin okay na na baguhin ang passport, but "not on its physical aspect" but in its functionality. With the new passport issued, sinayang lang ng gobyerno di lang ang pera ng bayan kundi pati oras ng tao. HASTE makes WASTE. The new passport does not provide space for signature and that'swhy some banks are not accepting it as one of proofs of identity. Second, dapat wala ng non-appearance dahil nga renewal. Tangna, personal appearance is required and the person who appears will just do the thumbmark and signature. Ano bang klaseng kabobohan at kalokohan ang mag polisiya ng gobyerno. Hoy, mga tangna nyo, kung mga gago kayo, wag na kayong mangdamay ng tao. You already wasted the tax payers money buy spending in the less needed project (eh tangna me alingangas na namang kurapsyon dyan!), please stop wasting people's time. Papipilahin ng mahaba, pag-aantayin ng matagal at minsan pag minalas pababalikin ka pa para lamang pumirma at thumbmark? Grabeng kabobohan ng mga taong to. Di nag-iisip. Lumayas na kayong lahat dyan.

2) ZTE, North and South rail, Cyber Education etc.... Name it, may kickback ang gobyerno. Bawat utot na pwedeng pagkakakitahan, gagawin nila. Pero di nila narirealize na pag nagpunta sila sa impyerno di naman nila madadala.

3) Pati mga obispo pinagbobola ng PANDAK NA PRESIDENT. Kung anong niliit ni GMA, syang nilaki ng kayabangan ng UNANONG ITO. Di ka ba natatakot na ang mga alagad ng Dios ginagawa mong gago, GMA?

4) And panghuli, lahat ng mga humihiling na ilabas ang katotohanan ay inaakusahang destabilizer. Sige, destabilizer na kung destabilizer, wag lang MAGNANAKAW.

But it is disheartening to see how this present government twist the fact. The TRUST-SEEKERS become DESTABILIZERS ---- well, only in the PHILIPPINES!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Ano ba talaga, GLORIA?

I received a text from my uncle who was in the military service for more than 30 years. Here's the excerpt of teh text he sent me....

"First Gentleman nasa impiyerno.... Inapproach nya si Satanas at humingi ng permiso, "Boss, pwede ba akong tumawag sa asawa ko?" At pumayag naman si Satanas.

Pagkatapos ng tawag tinanong ni First Gentleman si Satanas, "Boss, magkano ho ang babayaran ko?" Sabi ni Satanas sa kanya, "BASTA DEVIL TO DEVIL, LIBRE!" Hahahaha!

I forwarded this text message to as many friends as possible including my friends in the media and they really liked it... they were entertained, maybe because for every joke there's an ounce of truth in it, they say.

Unfortunately (or shall I say, fortunately), one of the recepients of the text I sent to friends is a first cousin of the Macapagals.

He texted back to me and said, "CHIEF BUMISINA KA MUNA. FIRST COUSIN KO ANG MGA MACAPAGAL." And I realized it's true! I texted back to him and said, "Sorry if you are hurt. But it was a joke."


What do you think about my friends reaction? Me, I believe he is sincere for telling that "DEMONYONG TALAGA YANG MGA KAMAG-ANAK KO YAN!"Ü

Why? Because GMA and his DARK KNIGHTS have long forgotten that GMA was installed as President thru the help of the protesters (from all political spectra of the society), media group, church and other people. In short, the unceasant protests done by the people triggered the expulsion of ERAP. I remember, I was one of the people in the EDSA shrine after the infamous "No vote" in the senate.

My question is, how come GMA and his dark knights are depriving people to assemble, air their grievances and protest on the brazen corruption in the government? Is she afraid to taste her own medicine that was used before in ousting ERAP? Obviously she is.

But you could only suppress it for some time. This has been proven when the cruel emperor of Rome Nero tried to persecute all the Early Christians. Nero back then that by burning them alive and feeding them to the lions who scare aways those Christians who profess their faith.

Instead of lowering the number of Christians, they amazingly grew in number until Nero and other cruel successors became obsolete.

Perhaps, time will also come when GMA and her dark knights will become obsolete. I wish this happens very soon.

Why does GMA and her dark knights persecute the protesters? Ano ba talaga, GLORIA?

Ang mga BISHOPS ng EDSA 1 & 2, may mga BAYAG.... Ngunit ang mga BISHOPS ngayong panahon ng krisis, tila may BAYAD!!!

One thing that saddens me in this current political crisis is the seemingly non-chalant attitude of our bishops. I miss the days when I see the church galantly standing on its ground regarding the issues about corruption in the government.

I wonder why the church and the bishops continue to vacillate on the issue of corruption? Are they afraid to be taxed by the government which is the "blackmailing tactic" that the government uses against the church.

I understand the feeling of Fr. Rober Reyes and those other priests who miss the courage of the late Cardinal Sin. If cardinal Sin were alive today and this quagmire happens, I am pretty sure that he would make a clear stand of the church. Right now, the ambiguous stand of the church (and other fencesitters) about GMA and her dark knights, only posits further abuse on the part of the government.

To our cardinals and bishops, I hope you will find time to read (Rev. 3:16) when Jesus said, “Because you’re neither hot nor cold, I’ll spew you out of My mouth”

What is the difference with the EDSA 1 & 2 time and the current situation we are all experiencing now?

Ang mga BISHOPS ba ng EDSA 1 & 2 ay may mga BAYAG, ngunit ang mga BISHOPS ngayong panahon ng krisis kay GMA ay mayroon bang BAYAD?

Nagtatanong lang po???