Thursday, December 13, 2007


Here we are again!

Toting Bunye is nothing but a person who lacks wisdom but full of arrogance!


That is beyond reasonable doubt! The brazen bribery, corruption, intimidation of civilians and media people makes GMA guilty of the charges.

The plan of reviving the anti-subersive law is an indication that GMA wants to stay in power by eliminating the witness. Apparently, she is not afraid of "karma". Weather weather lang yan. This reality must also sink into the coconuts of those military and policemen covering and licking the ass of GMA!

Remember what happened to Gen. Rolando Abadilla? According to my late father (former Manila Chronicle man) and my uncle (former military general and CO of one of the offices of AFP), the late Gen. Abadilla during his heyday was abusive. Unmindful of the time that "TATANDA AT LILIPAS DIN SYA". The only tragedy though is the fact that LUMIPAS SYA NOT NATURALLY BUT BY CRUELTY! He was killed by alleged victims of his cruelty and abuses.

This apparently is not realized by those oldies (but not goodies) like Raul Gonzales, Sergio Apostol, Gen. Esperon, and those who surrond GMA.

As sunsetters, be remebered as lovers of the country and not lovers of your ownselves.

You know in your heart that indeed, GMA is the most corrupt president the country ever had. But you're not reacting, simply because you're benefitting from her.

Let's not have a double standard reaction as far as survey is concerned. If it's favorable to you, you brag it, and if not, you say it's invalid. Ano ba talaga mga lolo?

Well, with regard to Senator Brenda, no one would believe her anymore. She has become a laughing stock in teh senate and in the media.

Loose screw is hard to be tightened especially if the screw is fully oxidized already.

Even if you deny the result of the survey --- GMA is the most corrupt president the country ever had, the thing speaks for itself!


"Parang kailan lang ang pagiging presidente ko'y kay hirap abutin.
Dahil sa inyo, mga sundalo at mga pulis sa paligid ko.
Kasama na rin si Garci't Bedol na di madedbol at Abalos na parang palos...
Nais ko kayong pasalamatan sa pagiging presidente ko.

Tatanda at lilipas din ako, ngunit mayrong nakurakot at iipunin sa mga apo ko.
At para din sa inyo (mga sundalo at mga pulis, Garci, Bedol at Abalos) kayamanan.
Dahil nga minsan tayo'y nagsabwatan.

Parang kailan lang, ang mga nakurakot ko'y kay hirap ubusin.
Dahil sa mga pulis at sundalo, ang mga nakurakot ko'y unti-unting nauubos.
Nais kong magpalawig ng aking termino, upang ako'y makakurakot uli para sa inyo.

Tatanda at lilipas din ako, ngunit may naipon na kinurakot kong alaala.
Sana humaba pa ang aking buhay....

Tatanda at lilipas din ako, yan ang dapat mong isipin GMA.
Wag kang tumanda ng paurong.

Tatanda (at matatanda na kayo) Raul Gonzales, Sergio Apostol (aka "Madam Wetness"), mga heneral na walang bayag pero may bayad!)

Tandaan nyo, pagtanda nyo, baka pati apo nyo di na kayo galangin!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


The Great Cicero once said, "Cuiusvis hominis est errare, nullius nisi insipientis in errore perseverare". (Anybody can err, but only the fool persists in his fault.)

The recent stand-off in Manila Pen was a case of a fool insisting in his fault. Perhaps, to the mind of the reader, they might assume that I am referring to Sen. Trillanes. Nope.

Making that assumption is in itself a fallacy "assumptio non probata" (assuming without a proof). The fool in this case is GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROYO!

Poor GMA, she thinks that she will be forever in power... same goes true to the other fools that surround her. I'm sure the readers know who these people are.

GMA is a fool, because she apparently tries to play "innocent" in the overkill that happened in the Manila Pen done by Esperon. Sorry, I cannot call you a general because you don't earn the title by merits but by mere "SIPSIP" (Severely Insecured Person Seeking for Instant Promotion)!

GMA is a fool for continually ignoring the legit concerns mentioned by Sen. Trillanes and Gen. Lim.

The Manila Pen stand-off was a simple case of "cause and effect". The cause is GMA and her allies, for insulting the intelligence of the Filipino people by denying that corruption does not exist in her administration. Denying it is tantamount to a christian denying the existence of God.

GMA continues to challenge the rule of law simple because she feels and thinks that she is high and mighty.

I remember what my late philosophy professor, Fr. Alois Lehberger said...

"What is the danger of "sophism"? It's making the wrong things right, and the right things wrong".

Now, I know why Cicero came up with that above mentioned quotation. Perhaps, if Cicero were still alive, he would have joined Gen. Lim and Sen. Trillanes in the march and slap on GMA's face the placard containing the quotation about a fool insisting on his fault!

What do you think?