Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Grand Alliance of the Thieves

Wow, the corrupt people forging grand alliance. I am not surprised. The itchy bitchy Mitos Magsaysay who continues to bash Aquino is akin to a pot calling the kettle black. What has she done for the people of Zambales? Wala. Puro papuri lang sa magnanakaw na si Gloria. For sure Binay will forge alliance even with the devil in the deep blue shit so long as he will win the 2016 election. Hindi din ako magtataka kung isasangla nya ang kaluluwa nya kay Satanas manalo lang sya!

Naku naman Pilipinas, matauhan naman tayo. Pag si Abby Binay naging senator, presidente si Binay, pupunta na lang ako ng Afghanistan. Eh nung hindi nakaupo sa isang restaurant si Abby Binay, kahit na nagpakilala sya kasi fully book, the following day sarado yung resto. Wow, nakakatakot. Sabi ko nga kay Mike Enriquez, "scary ang mga Binay sa ginawa nila. Di pa presidente, ganun ng umasta." Ang sagot ni Mike sa akin: "MISMO!"

If I may, let me share what Mr. Joel Reyes Zobel wrote in his column in The Philippine Business and News Forum and Editorial ng Bayan in GMA-DZBB 4-5PM program about Binay. The title of his article written last July 6, 2010 was "Half Full. Half Empty". Here goes:

I have gone through 5 days with Binay and I already miss Noli De Castro who was a very low profile but efficient worker. De Castro worked on the housing program and his role as Vice President with basically the same resources. Never quibbled, tried to be effective without drawing too much attention to himself. Conversely, Binay never took a break from his usual self. First is his beef with the wang-wang. Before you know it, he is beating a red light and going into a no entry street. You should have seen his face when Kara David queried him on the infractions. His reaction was a king who was vexed because a citizen was bold enough to ask his royal highness. Before you know it, he is asking for a palace, the coconut palace. Personally, I think this should be given to him so he can stay indoors and refrain from being a clear and present danger on the street.

As my lola used to say, “beware of coconuts in palaces.” For all intents and purposes, it is already a deadly confirmation. I have always said that the worst kind of animals is the one who endangers others. An African proverb goes, “If you run after two hares, you will catch neither.” Last May we voted the top 2 officials of the land. President Aquino leading by example. Perhaps, the African proverb might be wrong. If you run after two hares, you might catch both, although they may not be the same quality.

Now think about it... and how will he behave when he sits down as president.... GOD forbid!