Monday, January 12, 2009

Might is not always right


This is how I will describe the plan to impeach Chief Justice Reynato Puno.

I cannot really understand why this government tends to eliminate the good ones from their position and put into power the wicked ones.

The plan to impeach Chief Justice Reynato Puno is another arrogance and "double standard" system of these Tolonges Men and Women. Putang ina nyo. Kung makaasta kayo parang pag-aari nyo ang Pilipinas. As if you monopolize the truth and power. If you were all claiming that impeaching Gloria is not timely and waste of time, can't you say the same thing to Chief Justice Puno's case? If people were to ask, between the two, Gloria deserves the impeachment more than Chief Justice Reynato Puno.

Putang ina kawawa ang bayan sa inyo. Malapit na ang 2010 at mag-eeleksyon na naman. We will make sure that those who are pro-impeachment for Chief Justice Reynato Puno will not win. Remember what happened to those who spearheaded to impeach then Chief Justice Davide? Most of them were not reelected!

If only people will continue to be vigilant, these abusive Tolonges Men and Women do not deserve another term.

Sure, impeachment is a "numbers game". But might is not always right!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Is NARCO-POLITICS alive again?

The celebratated case of "Alabang Boys" who were caught in buy-bust operations by PDEA is a classical example that the Philippine Justice System is really far behind all other developing countries.

In our country, you can buy your freedom as long as you have connections and money. I remember my American friend who teased me about our judicial system. He said, in the Philippines, "it's better to drive without license, than to drive without money." Funny, but true! Maybe, for some "onion-skinned" Filipinos, they might be offended. But come on, guys, let's be real!

If the buy-bust operations happened to "Talayan Boys" or "Payatas Boys", would the hullabaloo that beseiged DOJ happen? I don't think so! Immediately, these "Talayan Boys" or "Payatas Boys" would be annihilated. There'll be no intervention from influential people from down abyss, or even from high-heavens. These fucking people who intercede on behalf of "Alabang Boys" must be prosecuted, or even burned to death. They don't deserve to be in the government, they're doing great diservice to the people. Putang ina, wala kadikadecalideza ang mga hayup na ito. Eh si Zuno nga madalas kong makita sa Cafe Adriatico at kung sino-sinong kameeting na babae dun. Pati din si Blancaflor madalas din sun. If both of them are really guilty, let their heads roll!

I really wonder why the "narco-politics" seems to be alive again, and this time, they're kicking very strongly. Is it because of the election is already at hand? We're not in South America where "narco-politics" is very prevalent and brazen. But it seems, we want to make some world breaking records ala "Guiness Book of Records", that is, first, to be the "narco-politics" in Asia; and second, to be the country is Asia that sets free guilty parties as long as they've money and are in power.

Gen. Santiago and the PDEA have been working hard to eliminate drugs. But with these misplaced people in the government, who lawyered for the accused instead of prosecuting them, the country is indeed going to the dogs. Putang ina nyo, mamatay na sana lahat ng mga sangkot sa cover ng Alabang Boys.

What makes me angry is the fact that on mere "technicality" the people in DOJ tried everything to mitigate the case against Alabang Boys. Bakit kaya? May porsyento ba sila o sangkot kaya sila. Well, your guess is good as mine!

If I were Zuno and Blancaflor, magreresign na lang ako at magkakape sa Cafe Adriatico kasama ang mga kamag-anak ng Alabang Boys!