Tuesday, February 17, 2009

St. Luke: The Patron Saint of the Thieves?

GMA, FG, Joc-Joc, Paule et al sought refuge at St. Luke's Hospital.... Don't be surprised if one of these days, St. Luke will be canonized as The Patron Saint of the Thieves! And eventually, the hospital will be named as St. Loot!Ü

What if we just boycott St. Luke's for cuddling these kind of people? How about revoking the licenses of those doctors who cover up for them?

St. Luke's has never been fair to their employees. But the directors abuse their perks they get from the hospital. I am not wondering why the good medical staff of St. Lukes left, because are so disgruntled with the management.

Naghihirap ang mga tao, nagpapasarap daw ang mga member ng board ng St. Luke's.