Sunday, November 13, 2011

Manny Pacquiao's controversial win against Marquez

I am sure all of us Filipinos wished that Manny wins the fight, but it's not just winning (not this kind of controversial winning), but rather a convincing one --- living up to the press releases and media hyped they did. With what happened, I hope others and even Manny's camp would not react violently on the reservation of the people including me and other Filipinos. We are not spitting in our own face. We love Manny, but the truth is, we all witnessed that he did not win convincingly as he professed. What is success and victory shrouded with doubt and controversy? It's nothing. We the disappointed fans just felt that Manny fell too short on the standard he setforth prior his fight. Because we believe and we know that Manny can do more than that!

Manny ought to dispute the doubt in the minds of the people, even us Filipinos. It was not a convincing win that we expected from him since he kept telling that he will knock Marquez down. Manny looked distracted and it seems the instruction of Roach didn't sink into his mind. Of course, the Epal Buboy Fernandez was trying to give instruction too by sticking his face close to you so that when the camera pans, he will be seen.

Next time, I suggest that Manny listen only to Roach, because too many cooks spoiled the broth. And it almost spoiled out the broth in you. Another fight will be a good idea. But Marquez is also a good fighter and he earned the respect of Manny. Knock him out Manny next time.

By the way, don't bring along Jinky in the fight ---- she's a JINX. Your lucky charm is Nanay Dionisia whose pure her and simplicity still there despite your success and popularity! Nanay Dionisia prays that you win and will not be hurt, while Jinxky pray that you win so she will have a lot of money. Look at her, she just displayed her new disgusting look, modeling for Belo.

I suggest, focus on your boxing career before you lose the blessings in gives you. I remember in The Immutable Laws of Marketing on Focus. You need to reduce the scope of your operations and focus. Protect your word and continue to brand and focus on the law of the mind. Focus on a single, powerful word if possible.

Manny, you are the Pound for Pound King and the only boxer who has handled and currently handles 8 categories. Aren't you happy with that? Leave politics, showbiz and other activities that will destroy your"brand equity". Take the warning and be alarmed in your previous fight with Marquez.

Filipinos will be very sad to see you fall flat on your face if you continue your own whims and caprices to be the the Jack of All Trades attitude. Protect your turf and boxing career. After you retire, you can then proceed to your political ambition, showbiz career and SD (sperm donor) to the girls that your eyes desire.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Muslim feast pay sought

Muslim feast pay sought

Hmmmm may pagka-abuso naman talaga itong Pangandaman na ito. Muslims have so many privileges that are overboard. I suggest, ayusin nyo muna ang kaguluhang hinahasik ng iba nyong mga kabaro at pati yung mga kaguluhang hinasik ng angkan ng Pangandaman. At kapag nagkaroon ng katahimikan uunlad ang bansa at magkakaroon na ng bonus. May mga Christmas bonus naman ang mga empleyado at 13th month pay bakit kailangan pa ng special bonus. Kung may ganyan, dapat galing sa mga mambabatas.

These Musims have so many privileges (and demands) which are sometimes unreasonable and excessive. I remember what my Italian military friend told me. There was a Muslim who was brought to the hospital for free medication because he was dying. When he got healed, he demanded the hospital to remove the cross in the hospital. When the hospital refused, he sued the hospital for discrimination. What a crazy, selfish and bigot guy.

Now with this proposal, what will happen? Other religions will demand also. Remember, what is the sauce for the goose should also be for the gander.

Friday, November 4, 2011

President Aquino’s X’mas wish: No more pointless criticism

President Aquino’s X’mas wish: No more pointless criticism

PNoy should have realized that when he ascent to the office of presidency, criticisms would be part and parcel of his life and position regardless whether the criticisms are pointless or valid. Needless to say, there'll even be a thin line that draws between his personality and his position. This is a sad and harsh reality that he ought to contend with.

The post that he holds now will always be subject to criticisms, thus, he must be very mindful of what he says and does. Truly, being a president is a damn if you do and damn if you don't case. No one is exempted from that even the past, present and future president dealt, deals and will deal with criticisms.

My piece of unsolicited of advice is, don't waste your time minding these criticisms. Let your handlers take them, lest you will waste your energy deflecting criticisms and defending yourself. By doing that, you will be unfair to those who brought you up to the throne. However, you might also want to consider this ultimate piece of advice, which the saying goes: "If you cannot stand the heat of the oven, get out of the kitchen. The choice is yours to make.