Monday, October 19, 2009

Heinous Crime in Tagaytay

Robbers kill American doctor in Tagaytay
August 13, 2009, 5:55pm

Tagaytay City — A retired American doctor was killed last Monday by two robbers who broke into his house in this city, it was learned from a belated police report.

The doctor's wife, a Filipina, was seriously wounded in the attack.

Supt. Joseph Salom Javier, Tagaytay City police chief, identified the dead victim as Dr. Frank Joseph Michalski, 70, retired virologist, of 10 Walnut St., Southridge subdivision, Barangay Sungay West, this city.

Wounded was Michalski’s wife, Dr. Amy Pineda-Michalski, 70, retired biochemist. Joseph, who suffered multiple knife wounds, died on the spot.

Amy, who suffered wounds in the hands and body, was brought to the Tagaytay City Medical Center.

Initial investigation conducted by Police Officer 3 Roel G. Paiton, officer-on-case, showed that the Michalskis were attacked at about 8:45 p.m. last Monday.

The Michalski family lives in a plush subdivision in Tagaytay City, the No. 1 tourist destination in Cavite.Javier said that the Michalski killing is the first heinous crime here in years. Major crime cases seldom happen in the city, he said.

The police chief said his men are looking for the two men who broke into the Michalski residence.

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Was there a news blackout here? This is a heinous crime! The news that you read came from Manila Bulletin. Mayor Tolentino has a bad reputation of allegedly paying the media for any negative publicity that will affect Tagaytay's image as tourism and retiree hub. I should know because I studied in Tagaytay and some of my batchmates/classmates in the seminary who are now priests and I also did my barrio apostolate there.

FYI, I met Dr. Amy Pineda - Michalski in the plane Manila-Nagoya-Detroit last Friday, Oct. 16 on my way to US. She was still wearing a sling for her severely injured arm. It was good she was able to block her head using her arm when the assailant attempted kill her. Kawawa naman ang si Dr. Amy. She's in the brink of losing her sanity! They've been married for 36 years. Dr. Frank Joseph Michalski doesn't have insurance, but NBI and Cavite/Tagaytay Police have not done anything. Worst, as per Dr. Amy's account, humihingi pa daw ng padulas.

I love Tagaytay, especially during the time when there were no subdivisions yet, and when the housing development was still "regulated". I studied there and met a lot of friends in the process.

Tagaytay was my second home --- the cool breeze, the majestic Taal Volcano and the refreshing these are GOD's gifts bestowed to Tagaytay. But all of these are gone!

All of a sudden, Tagaytay has lost its glory when greed has engulfed the leaders of Tagaytay. Nope. Tagaytay cannot pretend to have a peaceful environment as how the disHonorable ABRAHAM "BAMBOL" N. TOLENTINO, the CITY MAYOR said in the prologue of Tagaytay City Government website. Let me quote that, "If Mayor Bambol of Tagaytay City had his choice, he would like God and tourists to continue to be on his side. God----because he has given the city its cool air and peaceful environment. Tourists and visitors----because annual revenues from tourism make up 80 percent of the city's coffers."

GOD on his side? That's bullshit! It's just a hyperbole and irony of ironies. This high profile case was never covered by the media? Why only Manila Bulettin? How about the Philippine Star, Inquirer, Malaya and other broadsheets as well as tabloids? How about the TV and Radio Networks? What have they done? Obviously because there was a news blackout. Apparently, the Bumble Beast, wanted to protect the image of Tagaytay from other would be investors or tourists. Tang na talaga ang mga ganid na politiko, puro pera ang isinasaisip. Tang ina nyo mamamatay din kayo. Maybe not the way Dr. Frank Joseph Michalski died, because you're so fucking lucky to have bodyguards. Alisin nyo kaya yan kaya nyo bang makipagsuntukan ka sa akin? Not in your territory because politicians never fight fair and square.

I also heard from some businessmen who requested on the condition of anonymity that the Tagaytay's political kingpin has a tendency to grab every possible business it can get just to satisfy his fucking greed. Travel along the highway, ask the people manning the newsstands if who owns those stores and other establishments along the highway and they will say, "Hawak ni Bumble Beast yan." Bambohin ko kaya itong gagong ito!

Mayor, this is just the beginning. We will continue to bring the issue to the media in national level. Pero in fairness, magaling PIO mo siguro sa pagbibigay ng payola sa mga hao-siao na media. Imagine a very sensitive case like this was just published in Manila Bulletin. Another thing is, it was reported to the media only after three (3) days! Dr. Frank Joseph Michalski died last August 10, 2009 and Manila Bulletin reported it in the paper last August 13! Why? Now that we will bring this to the "Quad-Media" ---- the internet, radio, print, tabloid and even TV. Tignan natin kung mapagtakpan mo pa yan.

I also wonder why did the Bumble Beast tried to cover up this? Why did the media, my dear colleagues in arms didn't bother to cover this. This is a news worthy item. Mukhang ang envelopmental journalism becomes prevalent in Tagaytay ha. Just asking...

Kasi simple, isang magbubuko nasaksak habang naglalakad sa daan binabalita samantalang ito, involved ang mag-asawang doctor na retiree ng America, hindi binigyan ng pansin? This is a HEINOUS CRIME, nakakapagtaka talaga!

Justice to Dr. Frank Joseph Michalski... Justice to Dr. Amy Pineda-Michalski.
Until now, Dr. Amy Pineda-Michalski, still suffering from physical and emotional pain she got from those people who attacked them.

Paging NBI, nasan na ang artist sketch? Bakit hindi nyo nilalabas? Ang lagay ba, kailangang ganyan? Wala bang langis? Bakit hindi nyo ginamit ang media to inform about this? Ang lagay ba, ganyan talaga ang systema? Why do you treat heinous crime as something light... I will be compelled to talk to Atty. Rey Esmeralda about this. NBI Tagaytay, PNP Cavite, swerte nyo wala na dyan si Col. Zafra. Pero di bale malawak man ang dagat, makakakita din tayo ng hahanap sa problema na ito para masulusyunan.

If no action will be taken, ikakalat ko dito sa Amerika ang mga kabulastugan dyan sa Tagaytay. Sana naman ayusin nila at wag nilang takutin ang biktima na si Dr. Amy. Putang ina sya na nga ang namatayan, at gusto pa yatang kikilan? The media will start to dig deeper on this. Too bad the Tagaytay presscorp was either bribed or bunch of incompetent people.


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