Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"The World is not dangerous because of those who do harm but because of those who look at it without doing anything" (ALBERT EINSTEIN)

Let me begin this email with a quotation.

"For one who is indifferent, life itself is a prison. Any sense of community is external or, even worse, nonexistent. Thus, indifference meanssolitude. Those who are indifferent do not see others. They feel nothing for others and are unconcerned with what might happen to them. They are surrounded by a great emptiness. Filled by it, in fact. They aredevoid of all hope as well as imagination. In other words, devoid of any future."

We cannot deny the fact about the "chronic malady" that our country has been beseiged with. The continuous denial of the "stinking anomalies" in the government has just added insult to the injury. There are two kinds of sin, the sin of commission and the sin of ommission. The later is no lesser than the former. I am not saying that we go to the streets and shout invectives to the government, but if you feel that way, you are all free as you may please. My point is that, we need not close our eyes to the blinding truth about the corruption. Being indifferent about the situation posits callousness to the people in the government.

Write them and tell them that you are disappointed if you really are. If not, then just ignore this email. The great Dr. Jose P. Rizal fought the abusive Spaniards and the Friars not with swords but with pen. Through his various literary works El Filibusterismo and Noli Me Tangere which we are all aware of. Thus, he said, Pen is mightier than sword. Although this quotation did not originate from him, he also just quoted the great Edward Bulwer-Lytton, author of the play Richelieu; Or the Conspiracy and here is an excerpt of the dialogue on pen is mightier than sword and I quote,

True, This! Beneath the rule of men entirely great,
The pen is mightier than the sword.
Behold The arch-enchanters wand! itself a nothing!
But taking sorcery from the master-hand
To paralyse the Caesars, and to strike The loud earth breathless!
Take away the sword States can be saved without it!

Yesterday, I had a meeting with some friends from Manila Bulletin at Starbucks across Bureau of Immigration and Deportation. All of us were shock to see so many BID employees "fixing" some concerns of foreigners. What further breaks my heart is the fact that the "fixers" are young and pretty employees of BID. I could only shake my head in disbelief. This was the sentiments of my colleagues in the media industry. Maybe, gone are the days when Rizal envisioned the youth as the hope of our motherland! But I'm sure, no one among the young ones (and young onces as well --- no pun intended!) would want to be identified with these so young and yet so corrupt people. "Fixers" are used to be represented by the "alter-ego" of the "insiders". But now, it's different --- they become bold and non-chalant to the point that they even have the gall to show theit BID IDs hanging on their necks. I just wished that what were hanging on their necks are ropes that they would use to hang themselves by the neck for such an embarrassing show of profanity. Fixing or for others "liaisoning" (glorified fixing!) has become a culture in every nook and crany of almost in all if not all the government agencies. From macro to micro. That is the harsh reality in the government.

I hope that we will all continue to educate and guide our youth, and pray that our country will be extricated from the dark abyss. I would like to share this beautiful quotation from an anonymous source: "Character is the final decision to reject whatever is demeaning to oneself or to others and with confidence and honesty choose what is right. And only a brave person is willing to honestly admit, and fearlessly to face, what a sincere and logical mind discovers."

GOD bless us!!! GOD bless the Philippines!!!

Best regards,

Monsi Serrano

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Maraming nagsasabing dapat na daw ipatigil ang imbestigasyon ng ZTE Scam dahil di naman daw natuloy ang proyekto at ganap na ibinasura na. As some lawyers in the congress and senate said, "moot and academic" na daw ito.

Hahaha. Mga chonggo! Gusto nyo lang pagtakpan ang basura at baho ng Malacanang. But it's too late. The damning consistent testimonies of Lozano provided a very vivid truth that cannot be denied. MAY KURAKUTAN AT MAY INTENSYONG PAGKAKITAAN ANG ZTE BROADBAND DEAL.

We all know that by mere intention to dupe money from the project whether legally or morally constitute legal and moral culpability.

Ang problema sa inyo, you tilt the law in your favor. Kung okay sa inyo, go. Pag hindi papalag kayo.

Assuming that Lozada sided with the government, I'm sure ipagmamayabang nyo yan at sasabihin na "destabilizers" ang mga umaangal. Tangna, anong logi yan?

Tandaan nyo, you'll never be in power forever, and if that time comes, somebody might just come to you and shoot you all. Look at Tita Cory Aquino, she can walk freely without having fear for her life. Kasi wala syang tinapakan.

Nakakalungkot ang nangyayari sa Pilipinas, we are ruled by a lot of nincompoops at eto yung MGA BOBONG POLITIKO DITO SA PINAS!

JOKER, napahiya kay JUN LOZADA!

It looks like the apologists of GMA failed to discredit Mr. Noel "JUN" Lozada, especially the disgusting maverick (or weirdo) Joker Arroyo.

Sayang, idol ko din sya. Pero mukhang tumatanda ng paurong ang mamang ito. Worst, member pa yata ng TAKUSA ang hitad. Hahaha. TAKUT SA ASAWA!

Naaawa ako kung paanong binaboy ni Joker ang kababayan nyan. I admire Gringo and Chiz who gave fair treatment to their kababayan. Si Joker di kababayan ang dapat ituring ni Lozano dyan, kndi kababuyan! Bwahaha.

Imagine, pinipilit nyang babuyin ang pagkatao ni Lozada. But he failed. Lahat ng mga accusation nya kay Lozada ay sinalag ng walang pasubali at walang kasinungalingan.

Joker, in logic there's what we call fallacy "asumptio non probata" and you were not perhaps aware about your style. You judged and assumed so many things about Lozano that were fed to you by Malacanang. But it backfired on you!

Sinong nagmukhang gago, si Lozano ba o ikaw? IKAW, just in case di mo alam, GAGO!

Worst napahiya ka pa, BUTI NGA!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Mabuhay Ka, Noel Lozada! ANIMO LA SALLE!!!

I cancelled all my appointments to listen to the Senate hearing regarding the ZTE broadband scam.

As I was listening to the hearing, I cannot help but to shed tears and feel sad for the what was happening in our country. And at the same time, cry and elated due to the chivalrous act of Mr. Lozada. His statements about his direct knowledge in the ZTE broadband scam shows that he is telling the truth and this is reflected in the consistency, prudence, candidness and honesty.

The questions made by all the senators despite the fact that they tried to check the veracity of Mr. Lozada's statements and destroyed his credibilty by Senator Brenda Santiago proved futile.
He was consistent in all his statements and the senators tried to rattle him by asking the same questions all over again even if those questions was fallacy in itself (fallacy petitio principii or what we call "beating around the bush").

I just wish the the apologists of GMA would refrain in discrediting Mr. Lozada. Nope. You cannot put a good man down.

At this point, the senate hearing is still ongoing and I'm still awaiting for the end of this. I salute Mr. Lozada for his courage, integrity and sincerity. I may not understand his fear and anxiety he's undergoing right now, but I empathize with his one simple point ---- STOP CORRUPTION IN THE GOVERNMENT!

I also admire the media, the Association of Major Religious Superiors and all those who show their support to Mr. Lozada and his family through prayers, moral support and other forms.

Indeed, Mr. Lozada is an epitome of a TRUE LA SALLIAN. I'm happy and proud to see one "sinful hero" who stood by all the threats and insults hurdled especially by Sen. Brenda Santiago.

Mabuhay ka, Noel Lozada!


Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Nakakalungkot na at nakakapoot ang kabastusan ng pinaggagagawa ng gobyerno natin. Ang patuloy nitong pang-iinsulto sa katalinuhan mga Pilipino sa pamamagitan ng pagtangging wala silang kinalalaman sa pagkawala ni Noel "JUN" Lozada pagsapit nito sa palapagan ng airport.

Unang-una, sino ba ang may access na makalapit sa tarmac at may kapangyarian na di na padaanin pa sa normal na proseso ang isang pasahero? Di ako nagtataka kung bakit binaba ang rating natin ng Federal Aviation Authority. Kasalanan din ng gobyerno yan. Imagine ang isang pasahero pala ay maaring makakalusot kung ito'y may kakutsaba sa ating gobeyerno. Papano na kung may gustong magpasabog sa airport?

Isipin na lang nating nakaalis ang pasahero ng di dumaan sa immigration at custom! Anong ibig sabihin nito, pag ginusto ng gobyerno gagawa sila ng paraan kahit na meron silang natatapakan!

Ginagawa nilang bobo at gago ang mga taxpayer na tulad natin. Sana'y mapanagot ang mga sinasabing sangkot sa pagkawala ni Noel "JUN" Lozada. Nasan na ang separation ng executive at legislative? Binababoy na talaga nila di ba. Grabe kawawa naman tayo!

Naaalala ko tuloy ang pananaw ng existentialist philosopher na si Friedrich Nitzche. Sabi nya at ito'y applicable sa inaasal ng ating gobyerno, "He who was a why to live for can bear any how..."

Batid ng gobyerno na kailangan gawin nila ang lahat basta lamang makuha nila ang kanilang gusto at mapanatili sila sa pwesto.

Sa madaling salita, BASTUSAN NA TALAGA! Desperado na itong gobyernong ito. Hahamakin na ang lahat masunod lamang ang gusto nila!

Monday, February 4, 2008


The great British historian Arnold Toynbee once said, "Anyone who has not learned from the past is doomed to commit the same mistake"

The premise and clamor of the majority TONGRESSMEN AND TONGRESSWOMEN that they want change in the "house" or shall we say "menagerie" must be watched carefully by the public. Let's see how they can institute change in the "menagerie" where they reside.

Sure, it's a good clamor. But my question is, what if you cannot change that. What will you do? Magpapakamatay ba kayo if you were not able to do that? Sana ganun nga.

But that I doubt! In Japan, if a person (especially the sachos and the leaders) fails his colleagues or compatriots, he does a "seppuku" or disembowlment. But the thickeness of the face of our politicians is beyond compare. Even the experiment of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen wouldn't work. The thickness of the face of our politician is for Guiness Book of Record.

Please don't get me wrong. I am not losing hope. Because I still believe in miracle! Hahahaha.

Anyway, seriously, what will you do now DISHONORABLE TONGRESSMEN AND TONGRESSWOMEN if your will to institute change did not materialize? Will you step down? Will you go to Luneta and have yourself shot in public? If the answer is the latter, let me know and I will be happily pull the trigger for you. In that way, I will be a hero, because I have annihilated the people who make our country a big embarrassment to the world.

But with the kind of arrogance and callousness these politicians are, lying is just a natural as breathing for them.

I salute the few people who voted for status quo in the congress. As for the majority, please make your dream come true to reform the congress not for your own personal benefit, but for the benefit of the majority.

To Dato and Mikey, ang kakapal nyo. Remember you'll not be there in power forever.

GOD bless the Philippines!!!!


"TALAMAK NA TALAGA ANG KURAPSYON" dyan sa atin sa Pilipinas, yan ang nasabi ng isa kong kaibigan naninirahan sa isang bansa sa Europa.

Ako'y natawa lamang at nasabi ko sa loob ko na para namang di nagaganap ang kurapsyon dito sa Pilipinas.araming mga "gimik" ang pamahalaan at ang kanilang galamay kung papano kumamal ng salapi na di nila alintana ang katotohanang di nila ito madadala sa impyerno kung saan nakatakda silang sasalubungin ni Satanas!

Pero sa tingin ko, ultimo si Satanas ay matatakot na dumating ang panahon na pupunta ang lahat ng mga politiko sa impyerno. Bakit kamo? Kasi baka ma-impeach sya at palitan ng majority! Hahahaha. Ganyan kalala ang pagiging kurap ng mga politiko sa Pilipinas.

Ang sama nito, kung umasta ang mga hayup na ito sa kanilang pamosong barong, amerikana, patadyong at terno ay animong mga nuknukan ng linis. Talo pa ang pagkadalisay ni Virgin Mary.

Pumunta ka sa Mindanao, walang tulay, iskwelahan, pagamutan, maayos na daan at iba iba pang kailangan ng mamamayan ng naturang bayan na nasasakupan ng mga pilitikong ito. Pero wag ka, ang mga bahay nila't sasakyan ay naggagandahan! San sila kumuha ng pera? Syempre sa kaban ng bayan!

Di nila ginagamit ng tama ang pera na galing sa buwis na binabayad natin. Ang kakapal talaga!

Kamakailan, may ulat sa Imbestigador sa programa ng magaling at walang bahid na si Mike Enriquez tungkol sa mga poso na may nilagdaan na may may poso pero wala naman sa katotohanan. Saan napupunta ang pero mga hayup na politiko? Pero ang pamahalaan ay patuloy na nagbubulagbulagan.

Ganyan kawalang puso ang mga hayup nating politiko. Nakakasuka... Nakakagigil... Nakakalumbay... Nakakagalit.

Kaya di ko masisisi ang aking kaibigan sa Europa ng sinabi nya sa akin na "TALAMAK NA TALAGA ANG KURAPSYON" dyan sa atin sa Pilipinas.


"Mr. Speaker, THEY BOUGHT MY YES!"

While I am not a fan nor an apologist of JDV, the incident last night was a simple case of greed!

In the Holy Bible it is said, "you don't put new wine in the old wine skin". These bunch of monkeys in the House of Representatives think that by changing the leader in the house in the person of Nograles, the image of the house will be changed as well! NON SEQUITUR!

Change should come from within, and not from without.

No matter how others (those who were in favor to oust JDV) would deny that they were not bribed, no one would believe them. It's been a culture in the congress that bribery exists. In short ayaw nilang mababoy ang imahen ng kongreso pero di nila batid na silang mga congressmen ang mga baboy na patay gutom!

Magpakatotoo kayo! Magkano ba talaga?

Who's Boy Nograles? They say that you don't bite the hand that feeds you. Boy Nograles has bitten the hands of his ally in Davao the venerable Rudy Duterte. Talo talo na talaga pag politika. Akala mo naman hindi magugunaw ang mundo at mamamatay ang mga tao kung makaasta ang mga kongresistang ito.

Nakakasuka kayong mga hayup kayo! Wag kayong magmalinis na nabababoy ang congress dahil as speaker. Mga ipokrito tong mga hampaslupng TONGRESSMEN AND TONGRESSWOMEN! Kayo ang mga baboy na nasa kongreso.

JDV is right when he said, "WE ARE ALL SINNERS".

By condoning the unethical and brazen corruption in the congress, you're equally culpable in the same sin. Remember, the guilt is bigger when there's omission on your part to rectify what you ought to do.

And the sad mentality of these TONGRESSMEN AND TONGRESSWOMEN is that, "they have the numbers". Mga ulol, MIGHT IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT!

I even heard Ceriles saying that wala daw train at tulay sa Minadanao. Hoy gago, why blame that to JDV? Nasan yung pork barrel mong hayup ka? Pakicheck mo yung bangko mo baka nandun. Kung wala dun, eh tanga ka di mo alam kung saan mo nilagay ang pork barrel mo.

I just wish and pray na magunaw na ang mundo at mamatay na lahat ng mga corrupt na TONGRESSMEN AND TONGRESSWOMEN.

LORD, PAKIBILISAN MO NAMANG KUNIN SILA. Kasi proud na proud po silang sabihin na, "Mr. Speaker, THEY BOUGHT MY YES!"