Friday, May 8, 2009

Pacman fucks up again

Apparently, power has gone up to Manny Pacquiao’s head and now he is already drunk with power. Whether the decision for the entire entourage to come home to the Philippines despite the advice of Department of Health was his or his group’s collaborative decision, Pacman should still be in control. If he knows it was not good for him to come home, then he should have put down. Pacman must be man enough to say no even to those who try to suck him out! If he thinks that by saying no to his entourage who are all hungry to be seen and be seen with Pacman in the television and newspaper will make him a lesser man, then he is damn wrong!

Now that he plans to run for congress, even as a partylist representative, I believe he does not deserve to win or to get a seat in the house of representative. Why? Because he does not know how to handle his power and popularity. Whatever his “sidekicks” tell or whisper to him, he adheres to it to the point that it is detrimental to his own image and career.

The recent brouhaha with ABS-CBN was another classical case of Pacman’s weakness in character.

After watching the Pacquiao-Hatton fight, I was so disgusted to see familiar faces like Lito Atienza and Chavit Singson and the new one, Gilbert Teodoro!

Everything was done in bad taste --- poor script, poor directorship and bad plot!

Are these politicians really that desperate to win votes even if they will look fool in the eyes of the public? I guess they really? I will not even be surprised if one time we hear these politicians doing new tricks (away from the old tricks of dancing and singing) like walking on the wire, eating broken glasses and swallowing fire!

Now let’s go back to the issue. What if Pacman or one of the members of his entourage is an H1N1 carrier? Imagine how many people will be contaminated? Sure, he has money to pay for their medicine and even burial, but that is not the point. The point is being responsible leader having named as one of the most influential people in the world. Maybe this is the reason why Pacman is defiant. Since he is named to be one of the most influential people in the world, he can do whatever he wishes, to the point that he shows brazen contempt to the request of DOH boss and other medical experts.

To Pacman, here’s my message to you, STOP FUCKING UP! You don’t deserve a seat in the house of representative…. Not even in the classroom of a college or university where you want to continue your education. To be a good leader, you must be a good follower especially if the order or request is for the benefit of the entire nation. Stop feeding your mind, feed your heart instead! Your head is already swollen and might just burst if punctured by a needle!

What can we do now that Pacman defied the order of DOH? Nothing except to pray that Pacman or any member of his entourage is not contaminated with H1N1 virus. If one of them is a carrier, then let us curse Pacman for fucking up again!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

What If Pacquiao Didn't Win

As expected, the Pacquiao-Hatton fight will become talk of the town --- and of the world! And as the whole country rejoices, the vulture politicians (you know who you are!) was already salivating from the media exposure they will get by sticking their ugly faces on Pacquiao's cheek.

As I saw the fight was over and the referee declared the TKO win of Pacquiao, I suddenly saw a "white ghost" appeared in the video, that totally scared me, to the point that if I had a gun, I might have shot the TV monitor where I was watching. You know who the "white ghost" was, Gilbert Teodoro!

For some unknown reason, many of us who were watching the fight was surprised to see this white ghost saying something but there was no audio. Even my friend from a TV network who was with me was also surprised.

That gimmick of the white ghost was not funny and wise! It was done in bad taste and timing. I would understand if the one in the video was PGMA. Sure, because she is the (illegitimate or legitimate) president of the Philippines. But that white ghost, no way! Tang na ha, ang aga aga pa nangangampanya na ang hitad. I will bet my balls (left and right) and even my life, that Gilbert Teodoro will not win the 2010 presidential election. Mark my word for it, I will bet my balls (left and right) and even my life if Gilbert Teodoro wins in 2010 Presidential election!

I just wish that these politicians will cease and desist from riding to the popularity of Pacquiao. The likes of Lito Atienza, Chavit Singson, Prospero Nograles and those fucking corrupt and heartless politicians anger people everytime they try to associate themselves with Pacquiao. Pacquiao is Pacquiao without you folks. I would like to believe that Pacquiao would not be the kind of Pacquiao now (People's Champ and Best Pound for Pound ever) if not for Freddie Roach. So, please ugly, fucking corrupt and heartless politicians --- BACK OFF!

Now, here is a good question to ask our people and these ugly, fucking corrupt and heartless politicians, what if Pacquiao didn't win? Will you have the same reaction?

Tang ina nyo kahit sabihin nyo pang pera nyo ang ginamit nyo sa pamasahe at hotel nyo, iisa lang ang sasabihin ko sa inyo ---- MAGNANAKAW PA DIN KAYO DESPITE OF YOUR EXCUSE that you used your own money. Why? because you're all supposed in the congress doing your job. But with that junket, even paid by you, you are all guilty of stealing time from the people who voted for you and are paying for your fat pork barrel. Tang ina nyo magkacancer na kayong lahat tulad ni Martinez.

Let us not vote for these house of representa-THIEVES who joined the junket. Ginagago lang nito ang mga tao eh. :-(

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Let's not blame other countries if they think our country sucks

Without Manny Pacquiao, our country's only saving grace, the bad perception of the foreigners will continue. This is based on my experience with my recent trip in Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia.

The PAL flight PR 508 is composed of ugly bitches and primadonas of PAL. These people looked like very disgusted in their work. Apparently, they are already sick and tired of what they've been doing for the past several years of their life. They'll be beaten by the Vietnamese airline crew in terms of service and attentiveness (to the ones who pay their salary --- we the "lowly" passengers"), who despite of their language barrier and difficulty in speaking impeccable English, their smile and indefatibale service are so evident. Unlike these fucking bitches of flight PR 508 who were just all hiding in their nook, gossiping and ignoring the OFW and other Filipino passengers but giving all out plastic smile and service to the foreigners who call their attention to serve them. It really sucks, right?

Tang ina nyo, you're just fucking "glorified muchahas" (and muchahos) with all due respect to my bossom friend and "kapatid" Ari Verzosa and his wife Raquel, whose sincerity are very evident the way they deal with people from all walks of life. I really wonder what make these flight crew of PR 508 think that they're demigods the way they delivered their service. Is it because the plane we rode was bigger than that of the flight I took last April 24? Lousy excuse huh!

My fight from Manila to Singapore last April 24 was really good. The flight crew were very attentive, going around, offering drinks and making sure all their passengers' needs are attended to. In my observation, the only time they took time to stay in their nook was when the passengers need and concerns were attended. They really took time in going around, offering drinks, blankets etc. But the flight crew in PR 508, they all ran away and hid to their nook after serving the food and collecting the waste. But when they were promoting their "inflight sales", they were so energetic and all smile, hoping that they can fool their passenger to buy from them!
I overheard one of the foreigners said, this flight sucks. The crew are very slow. At times, you cannot even find them!

I will never forget my flight from Tokyo (Nagoya) to Manila, last Oct. 31, 2002. It made my blood boil more than 100 degree celcius because of the arrogrance of one of the bitches from the PAL crew. Some of the OFWs (or maybe she looked down upon them as "Japayukis") and felt that they did not deserve any respect --- even an iota of respect at all! Anyway, the group of Filipinas were all excited in going home, laughing and even teasing each other. They maybe loud and annoying, sure, but what was not accptable to me was when I heard this bitch shouted at them and said, "Shhhhh wag nga kayong maingay dyan!"

The gull! When I heard that, I stood up and confronted her. I told her, "You know what, there's a right way for you to stop them. What you did was totally wrong and unacceptable to me. They are the reason why you are here --- they (and me and other passengers) pay for your salary and other perks. If you don't like what they are doing, you should have approached them discretely instead of shouting at them and traeted them like kids and embarrassed them in the presence of other people.
In fairness, that bitch apologized to me. But I told her, "don't apologize to me, apologize to these Filipinas that you embarrassed."

This is the reason why I never liked PAL. Sarili mong mga kababayan idedescriminate ka. I prefer to take Air France, Canadian Airlines, Cathay, Singapore Air and other airlines who treat their passengers (regardless of race) with utmost respect.

Originally, my airline going to Singapore and Vietnam (vice versa) was booked with Singapore Airlines. However, only my flight from Singapore to Hanoi, Hanoi to Singapore and Sinagpore to Manila was confirmed. But since it was PAL who had available flights without any hassle, I took PAL and dropped Singapore Airlines. But I really regret it. On my flight to US this June, I will not book in PAL anymore, I don't wanna experience their lousy service even if PAL brags that they are "Asia's first". Remember, not all first will remain in the position especially if you become complacent.

My agony didn't end there. When we arrived at immigration, LO AND BEHOLD! only one immigration officer was there! Tang ina, lahat sila sabay-sbay nag break. Nakakahiya talaga! Imagine ang bubungad sayo pag dating mo ng bansa, immigration, tapos pag dating mo walang laman ang mga booth kundi isa immigration officer lang! Calling Nonoy Libanan.... Please check this incident. The mice are playing when the cat is away. The sad part there is, I heard again the foreigners murmuring about what they saw. Now, do you expect that we will get a good feedback from other countries if this is what they will see and experience? NEVER!

Eto pa ang mga comments ng ibang mga pasahero:
" Pangit na nga ang service sa eroplano panget pa din sa gobyerno!"
"Yan ba ang pinapasweldo natin..."
"Ano ba yan, di man lang inisip na may mga padating na pasahero..."
"Ibang klase din ha, nagbreak sabay-sabay..."

With these ugly incidents, saan ka pa? May tatalo pa ba sa Pilipinas? May mga pulpol tayong mga pulis, mga politikong gago at magnanakaw, panget at bastos na flight crew ng PR 508, sus ginoo, di nga tayo aasenso. Worst, pag pinuna mo sila, tang na, balat sibuyas ang mga hayup.

Please, let's stop being "onion-skinned". Let's not blame other countries if they think our country sucks! It's our own undoing after all!
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