Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bastusan na talaga

You will notice in my blog site that for sometime I took a break from blogging for three main reasons. First, to go back to my business consultancy practice,second, to focus on the Philippine Business and News Forum news reporting and lastly, to avoid being accused of an AC-DC blogger (yes, there are bloggers who blog for a pay not for principles) protecting or endorsing a particular politician.

I am not like that. I blog, because I feel that it is my moral and professional obligation to do that --- inform the public about the "hocus focus" in the government. Some may not like my style, but this is me... There's nothing that you can do except perhaps to annihilate me in this cruel world like what AmPUTAan did to those helpless people.

However, with what is going on now, politicians bastardizing our government system, supreme court justices apparently being held on their balls and many more. I cannot help but to blog it out & take the venom out on those who are truly callous people like this son of female dog, Mikey Arroyo. I cannot understand why this family keeps on holding onto power despite the fact that GMA is truly one lucky bitch, to borrow the term used by Gov. Salceda, because her term as president of the Philippines lasted for 9 years!

Though corruption and graft ridden, GMA still hungers for more power by running for congress in her district in Pampanga of course to avoid the imminent graft cases that will be filed against her after her term ends. Mikey gave way for her beloved mother and now he is running for the partylist ANG GALING NG PINOY (mis)representing the "marginalized security guards". Kelan pa ba naging security guard ang bobong ito? What makes me so angry is why the COMELEC allowed this to happen when before they were so eager beaver to disqualify different partylist that they don't like.

Hayup talaga ang mga putang inang to. Nakakagigil. Palagay ko pag namatay ang mga pamilyang ito magdiriwang ang sambayanang Pilipino.

I just wish that our people will realize the abuses of this family. We wanted change and that is why we ousted Erap. But it seems that Erap's replacement was the worst leader our country ever had.

There are truly worthy partylists that represent their sector, but this one being represented by Mikey is a hoax. Indeed, when he wins, the name ANG GALING NG PINOY fits to the "T" because people were allowed to be fooled by these people. Ikanga, BASTUSAN NA TALAGA!