Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Team Unity, SADSAD sa Genuine Opposition. BUTI NGA!!!

"I'll do my dreaming with my eyes wide open, and I'll do my looking back with my eyes closed" (Tony Arata)

Perhaps, this is what happened in the recent election in the Philippines. People are sick and tired of the propaganda done by Arroyo administration, that the economy is good, peso is strong and the stock market is going up.

Apparently, this government does not realize that Filipinos now are more aware with regard to what is going on with the country. There is no amount of "good propaganda" that the government could do to convince the Filipinos that our country is "doing well". The more that this government insists, the more the people resist.

Why, because the government tries to insult the intelligence of the Filipino people. I am selfishly glad that most of the candidates of Team Unity, Team Arroyo (TUTA), did not make it to the senate in spite of the drum beating they did. It's okay to drum beat, but boy, Arroyo administration even had their dirty tricks department but still failed. They were claiming about the "political dynasty" of the Pimentels and Cayetanos. Unmindful of their own "political dysnasty".

I tried writing some of the major dailies in the Philippines to publish my letter to the editor, unfortunately, none of them dared to for very obvious reason ---- peak season for print ads coming from the government.

Anyway, let me share with you what I wrote about the Political Dynasty Ad...

"I am appalled by the political ads aired in the radio against Koko Pimentel and Allan Peter Cayetano knowing who is behind this paid advertisements.

Indeed it is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

The Bicolanos are in danger of having a congressman who is not born in the Bicol Region and maybe does not even know anything about Bicol and its unique culture.

Thanks but no thanks to Dato Macapagal Arroyo. Is this how greedy Arroyos have become? And what about the Bicolanos legislators? Why would you allow your own province to be led by an outsider like Dato Arroyo.

Allowing him to lead the province is akin to allowing your own family members to be raped in your own house by your visitor. To me, this scenario leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Now, let me ask this question, which is the real political dynasty? What the Arroyos are doing is "divide et impera" (divide and conquer") strategy in preparation for 2010.

And Lastly, why are the feisty Bicolanos like Joker Arroyo, Kit Tatad and Victor Ziga are mum about this? Mga manoy, what is your take on this? Never mind the Andayas, Villafuertes and Alfelors., apparently they have been paid a huge amount of money for giving in to the whims and caprices of the Arroyos. But please, not at the expense of Bicolanos and Bicolanas."

Simon "MONSI" Serrano
Chief Consultant
METAOPSIS Consultancy
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Unfortunately, Dato won in the election.

Please don't get me wrong ---- I'm neither for arm struggler nor for coup d' etat. I am for the truth, that is, through ANV (Active Non Violence), even if at times I feel so frustrated with the government. I do not mind paying taxes, as long as I see that the "meager constribution" I give to the government are shared with our less fortunate kababayans.

There are so much to learn from the recent election, funny and sad... Both would help us deepen our commitment in helping our fellow Filipinos. We cannot expect this government to help, because they're all busy covering their ass in the dung hill that they gladly built for themselves.

Looking back at the political ads of Team Unity, grabe, ang gagalang nila di ba? With matching
po and opo.... Like, "Mike Defensor po...", "Cesar Montano po..." But once elected, grabe pag senate inquiry, kulang na lang murahin ang mga iniimbistigahan nila. Well, that is what you call hypocrisy.

Let me make a confession to you guys, I spent a lot of money campaigning for Mike Defensor, even if I have so much respect for his Dad, "Tito Mat". I texted my friends from Tugegarao to Tawi-tawi not to vote for Mike Defensor. Why would you vote for someone "who's so amusingly arrogant", as Mark Twain puts it. Unless he pays back again those girls in Padi's Cubao. But too late already.

Anyway, let us congratulate ourselves for somehow voting wisely and maturely. After all, we cannot hatch an egg by hammering it. At least, may baby step growth na tayo. This is evident when Fr. Ed Panlilio won over two political bigwigs in Pampanga. Let us continue to show to this government that we have had enough of their antics. In fact, may matinding antique ang government, si Raul O. Gonzales ang secretary of (in)justice.

Apart from Supreme Court, it is good to have dominant opposition in the senate to strike a balance between the upper and lower chamber.

Lastly, despite of the election violence that took place, I am really happy that we voted wisely. I'm so happy that oppositions won despite of lack of funds, machinery and other needed resources.

Ang Team Unity, SADSAD sa Genuine Opposition. BUTI NGA.

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I do share the same discernments as you have. I see the same malevolence and feel the same rage with the present administration’s self-serving and appalling governance. It’s not your perception alone but also mine and so with my sis, husband, mom, friends, friends' friends and many more!!! Swak na swak!