Friday, December 5, 2008

Eastwood Citys Security Guards are Bunch of "Hoodlums"

I think it's high-time that the management of Eastwood City to review the renewal of their security agency because this "hoodlums" think that they're Police Personnel or Militarymen. Helloooooooooo....... Putang ina nyo yung mga chapa nyo pwedeng bilin sa Quiapo!

Where am I coming from? The EASTWOOD CITY "hoodlums", shoved and pushed two of my friends from the GMA network, Malou Santiago - Tibayan and Audrey Carampel. Audrey almost fell off the stage when she was pushed by the "hoodlums" of the mall.

Just to set the record straight, these two friends of mine were invited to cover Charise Pempengco's event, and even if Charise belongs to the ABS-CBN network, they still decided to attend as a matter of courtesy.

But here are the sickening facts that surround the said unfortunate incident:

1) The alleged DJs of Magic 89.9 were announcing several times that the press people leave the place. Is this the way to treat your colleagues in the media industry? Come on, buffoons! You're twangs don't make you a higher beings than the others.

2) The Eastwood City "hoodlums" were not properly briefed by the management on how to treat the media people. If they did this to the media people, how much more with the ordinary people?

3) The Eastwood City "hoodlums" did not even grant the simple request from the media people that they will only ask two questions. Is that a difficult request? Assuming if it were a difficult request to be granted, why pushed Malou and Audrey? What if Audrey fell off the stage and hit her head on the floor? Who will be responsible for it?

Security Guards are really pain in the ass. They feel that with their "paltik" on their waste and their badge make them powerful! Pero pag may holdapan di naman makapalag urong din ang mga uten. Maybe ganun din itong mga DJ ng Magic 89.9. Tangna nyo akala nyo kung sino kayo!

I just hope that Eastwood City Management will do something to rectify this and teach their "hoodlums"properly. Otherwise, people will no longer go to your place because of the rudeness of your "hoodlums" which they are bound to experience.

I wonder what will Andrew Tan and Kingson Sian do when it reaches this story? Mr. Operations Manager, it's your call to disciple your hoodlum.

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