Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chip Tsao: The name sounds like a lower breed of dog from HK

Who the hell is Chip Tsao? Is he a hungry dog from China the descendant of Mao who poisoned the minds of the Chinese and continue to spread drug trafficking in the entire world?

Fuck you, Chip Tsao! Your name sounds like a cheap breed of dog! Who do you think you are? I suggest, let us all kill immediately all the Chinese drugpushers in this country. They want to rule the world and bully their neighbors with their hungry salivating people in mainland.

It is really sad to note that when you go to Hong Kong, the Chinese there felt and perhaps even thought that the technlogy there are made by the Chinese. They were also "servants" under British Colony. The Brits were just kind enough to turn over HK back to China.

I will never go back to HK. Those Fucking Chinese Cantonese there stinks. They think they are bunch of educated people. You want to ban me going there, HK immigration. Go ahead... and FUCK YOUR GOVERNMENT! FUCK CHIP TASO as well.

Mabuhay ang Pilipino! Mamatay ang mga WALANGHIYANG INTSIK NA TULAD NI CHIP TSAO!


Paul said...

Hi Monsi,

Just discovered your blog! Sa sobrang tuwa ko chong, nag-link na ako sa blog mo.


Thanks a lot Sir Paul! It's an honor to have been linked with someone like you. More power!

Lee Mah Hong said...

I definitely agree. These Chinese Cantonese from HK think that they're better of tha other nationalities in Asia. In immigration alone, you could read in their body language that they looked down upon Filipinos. Sana nga mali ako. They're not even kind to kids. I think they're not human beings, they're CHINESE OR SHALL I SAY, CHINESE CANTONESE!

Keep on fighting sir! More power!