Thursday, May 7, 2009

What If Pacquiao Didn't Win

As expected, the Pacquiao-Hatton fight will become talk of the town --- and of the world! And as the whole country rejoices, the vulture politicians (you know who you are!) was already salivating from the media exposure they will get by sticking their ugly faces on Pacquiao's cheek.

As I saw the fight was over and the referee declared the TKO win of Pacquiao, I suddenly saw a "white ghost" appeared in the video, that totally scared me, to the point that if I had a gun, I might have shot the TV monitor where I was watching. You know who the "white ghost" was, Gilbert Teodoro!

For some unknown reason, many of us who were watching the fight was surprised to see this white ghost saying something but there was no audio. Even my friend from a TV network who was with me was also surprised.

That gimmick of the white ghost was not funny and wise! It was done in bad taste and timing. I would understand if the one in the video was PGMA. Sure, because she is the (illegitimate or legitimate) president of the Philippines. But that white ghost, no way! Tang na ha, ang aga aga pa nangangampanya na ang hitad. I will bet my balls (left and right) and even my life, that Gilbert Teodoro will not win the 2010 presidential election. Mark my word for it, I will bet my balls (left and right) and even my life if Gilbert Teodoro wins in 2010 Presidential election!

I just wish that these politicians will cease and desist from riding to the popularity of Pacquiao. The likes of Lito Atienza, Chavit Singson, Prospero Nograles and those fucking corrupt and heartless politicians anger people everytime they try to associate themselves with Pacquiao. Pacquiao is Pacquiao without you folks. I would like to believe that Pacquiao would not be the kind of Pacquiao now (People's Champ and Best Pound for Pound ever) if not for Freddie Roach. So, please ugly, fucking corrupt and heartless politicians --- BACK OFF!

Now, here is a good question to ask our people and these ugly, fucking corrupt and heartless politicians, what if Pacquiao didn't win? Will you have the same reaction?

Tang ina nyo kahit sabihin nyo pang pera nyo ang ginamit nyo sa pamasahe at hotel nyo, iisa lang ang sasabihin ko sa inyo ---- MAGNANAKAW PA DIN KAYO DESPITE OF YOUR EXCUSE that you used your own money. Why? because you're all supposed in the congress doing your job. But with that junket, even paid by you, you are all guilty of stealing time from the people who voted for you and are paying for your fat pork barrel. Tang ina nyo magkacancer na kayong lahat tulad ni Martinez.

Let us not vote for these house of representa-THIEVES who joined the junket. Ginagago lang nito ang mga tao eh. :-(

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