Friday, November 6, 2009

Midnight sale of Fujimi Property, GMA's last ditch effort to pocket money

The plan to sell the Fujimi Property in Japan via so called ‘midnight sale’ is another last ditch effort of Gloria and her greedy allies to pocket some money before her term ends. I have never seen such a shameless act in the entire Philippine history. This planned ‘midnight sale’ has never even done by the Marcoses as far as Philippine's chronicle's account.

What is really disgusting is the fact that Gloria and her allies have already been involved in so many controversies and scams but cases against them (fortunately for them and unfortunately for the Filipino people), have not so far prospered because the impeachment case against them where blocked. As the majority of these ass-kissers of Malacanang in the congress always say and brag, "impeachment is a numbers game"! This kind of arrogance just adds insult to the injury. Are you saying that because you have the number you can always use that to thwart any attempt to impeach Gloria even if the evidence against her is overwhelming? Where is your sense of justice? Aren't you ashamed of the people who voted for you? Putang ina ninyo. You may win here on earth. But the battle of good and evil doesn't end here.

The "escathon" is yet to come. When that time comes, believe me you'll realize how shameless and stupids have become for blindly defending Gloria despite the damning evidence against her. I will not be surprised if one of these days when you're no longer in power people will just assassinate you like what happened to the abusive Col. Rolando Abadilla.

I remember what my late uncle, a former military general and commanding officer of one of AFP's posts. When I was in the seminary, I used to visit him in Camp Aguinaldo & he told me how frustrated he was seeing abusive military officers like the late Col. Abadia, who was ambushed & killed. He said he was one of the witnesses of Abadilla's abuses during his heyday; from raping of women, summary execution, corruption etc. He said to me, "These people don't ever realize that they're not in power forever. There will come a time that they will not have any bodyguards anymore. They'll be ordinary people --- powerless and helpless. When the relatives of their victims get back at them, it would be more brutal and painful for their family. True enough. That was what happened to Col. Abadilla!

The case of Abadilla is just one of the classical cases. But it sends a strong message to the abusive people in the government like Gloria and her allies. Imagine knowing that their term will end and the coffer of the country is already drained, they found a way to raise money for their baon, that is, selling the Fujimi Property in Japan.

Please heed the people's plea. The international community has spoken, back-off on the midnight sale of Fujimi Property. Tang ina, hindi ba kayo natatakot sa karma? A lot of people were expecting that when Mike Arroyo encountered a near death experience, he would change. But as my friend said, whose father is part of the inner circle of Gloria, "We all thought that Mike Arroyo would somehow mellow in his corruption and illegal activities when he was almost at the brink of death. But since he survived, he felt "invincible" and goes back to his old habit, this time worst than ever!

Indeed, there's a biblical foundation on this. The return of bad spirits. The scripture says that once the house is clean from a bad spirit, that bad spirit that left the house will come back and bring more companions. Now that how it explains this corruption in Gloria's regime is so much for us to take.

Putang ina they keep on telling hindi napapatunayan. The only way to prove if they're innocent or not is through impeachment trial. Let her prove that she is innocent. But with her plan to run again either as vice president or congresswoman in her district would make us deduce that she's really guilty of all the accusations hurdled against her. Flight is guilt. She wants to cover her stinky and flat ass by seeking a post in the government. See how greedy and guilty Gloria is? In the entire history of the world, no former president from all over the world has ever gone down from president to vice president or congresswoman. I's just like saying, "nasa papag ka na magsasahig ka pa ba?"

Well, for someone like Gloria whose face makes me puke & whose smirk makes other people hate her, the word "delicadeza" is out of her vocabulary. No wonder Mikey Arroyo has equally the same thickness of face minus Gloria's brain, of course.

STOP the midnight sale of Fujimi Property. It's not yours Gloria --- BACK OFF!!!


Tarugo said...

Bakero kunero dorobo si Gloria Arroyo. Nkkahiya, onli in d philippines tlaga

anti-unano said...

kaya nya kayang ibenta ang pekpek nya at magpakabugaw? langya tlaga yan unanong yan.