Thursday, July 31, 2008

Congratulations, Jim! You make Filipinos all over the world proud of you in your "obra maestra" --- TRIBU!

Once again, depsite all the scandals that beseiged our government and the lack of support and indifference from the government for those who are in the Arts and Culture sectors, Direk
Jim Libiran has brought honor and glory to the Filipino people not only in Europe, but in the entire world!

Jim’s "Tribu" is the only non-European film to win in the festival in the Pari de l’Avenir award, or Youth Jury Prize, at the Sixth Paris Cinema International Film Festival. “Tribu” competed with films from France, Japan, China, Haiti, Mexico, Great Britain, Hungary and Germany.

But as the cliche goes, "behind the success of a man is a woman". Congrats also to Mitchelle, the multi-talented and lovely wife of Jim. Unknown to many, Mitchelle is also a pastry chef apart from being a film producer.

Back in France, I also hear from the grapevine that Philippine Ambassador to France José Abeto
Zaide, snubs the Philippine delagates in France. Instead, this "uncultured" ambassador opted to rub elbows with Sharon Cuneta!

Hoy Ambassador Zaide, kung kamag-anak mo man si Gregorio Zaide a history book author eh parang di mo sinasabuhay ang mga aral nya. Why did you anub the Philippine delagates in the Sixth Paris Cinema International Film Festival? Ganyan ba turo ng ninuno mo o ganyan ka rin umasta dahil mana ka sa "nuno ng punso" na si Gloria ang amo mo? Nakakahiya ka ha, ni hindi mo man lang inisip yung mga mas may kailangan ng tulong mo? Anong mapapala mo kay Sharon Cuneta? Eh makikipagplasikan lang din sa yo yan eh. O baka naman nakikipagplastikan ka din sa kanya.

Ang masama pa, when Jim's "Tribu" won, dun na pumapel ang Zaide na ito. Eh plastic nga mana kay Sharon Cuneta! Hahahaha!

While maybe majority of the Filipinos in France are domestic helpers, you don't have the right to be smug and snub ambassador. Ipapapullout kita dyan eh. You behave like a snooty Frenchman Ambassador or maybe you behave like Sharon Cuneta? Hahaha!

Ambassador, walang personalan. I just would like to know the raison d' etre of your behavior towards the Filipinos delegates in the filmfest.

Jim, keep it up friend and may your "tribe" truly increase!

Mabuhay ang Pilipino! Mabuhay si Jim Libiran sa kanyang obra maestrang "Tribu"!
At mamatay na sana ang lahat ng mga kurakot na alagad ni Gloria!

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