Thursday, July 31, 2008

How deeply corruption in the Philippine goverment permeates in the system

Are you not wondering how it's gonna be when GMA's term as Philippine president will be further perpetuated?

It's gonna be an "opium to the people" to borrow Karl Marx depiction about religion.

Come to think of it. The last bastion for truth and justice like Court of Appeals and its justices are now subject of controversy! And that to me is very alarming!

What does it tell us? It tells us one thing, that in GMA's administratuon corruption is not just rampant, it's even permeated in the entire system even to last bastion of truth and justice. Mind you, this may have happened in times of other adminsitrations, but one thing is certain, it is not as brazen as it is now.

With this scenario, here's my question: "Quo vadis Pilipinas?"

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