Monday, February 4, 2008

"Mr. Speaker, THEY BOUGHT MY YES!"

While I am not a fan nor an apologist of JDV, the incident last night was a simple case of greed!

In the Holy Bible it is said, "you don't put new wine in the old wine skin". These bunch of monkeys in the House of Representatives think that by changing the leader in the house in the person of Nograles, the image of the house will be changed as well! NON SEQUITUR!

Change should come from within, and not from without.

No matter how others (those who were in favor to oust JDV) would deny that they were not bribed, no one would believe them. It's been a culture in the congress that bribery exists. In short ayaw nilang mababoy ang imahen ng kongreso pero di nila batid na silang mga congressmen ang mga baboy na patay gutom!

Magpakatotoo kayo! Magkano ba talaga?

Who's Boy Nograles? They say that you don't bite the hand that feeds you. Boy Nograles has bitten the hands of his ally in Davao the venerable Rudy Duterte. Talo talo na talaga pag politika. Akala mo naman hindi magugunaw ang mundo at mamamatay ang mga tao kung makaasta ang mga kongresistang ito.

Nakakasuka kayong mga hayup kayo! Wag kayong magmalinis na nabababoy ang congress dahil as speaker. Mga ipokrito tong mga hampaslupng TONGRESSMEN AND TONGRESSWOMEN! Kayo ang mga baboy na nasa kongreso.

JDV is right when he said, "WE ARE ALL SINNERS".

By condoning the unethical and brazen corruption in the congress, you're equally culpable in the same sin. Remember, the guilt is bigger when there's omission on your part to rectify what you ought to do.

And the sad mentality of these TONGRESSMEN AND TONGRESSWOMEN is that, "they have the numbers". Mga ulol, MIGHT IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT!

I even heard Ceriles saying that wala daw train at tulay sa Minadanao. Hoy gago, why blame that to JDV? Nasan yung pork barrel mong hayup ka? Pakicheck mo yung bangko mo baka nandun. Kung wala dun, eh tanga ka di mo alam kung saan mo nilagay ang pork barrel mo.

I just wish and pray na magunaw na ang mundo at mamatay na lahat ng mga corrupt na TONGRESSMEN AND TONGRESSWOMEN.

LORD, PAKIBILISAN MO NAMANG KUNIN SILA. Kasi proud na proud po silang sabihin na, "Mr. Speaker, THEY BOUGHT MY YES!"

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