Monday, February 4, 2008


The great British historian Arnold Toynbee once said, "Anyone who has not learned from the past is doomed to commit the same mistake"

The premise and clamor of the majority TONGRESSMEN AND TONGRESSWOMEN that they want change in the "house" or shall we say "menagerie" must be watched carefully by the public. Let's see how they can institute change in the "menagerie" where they reside.

Sure, it's a good clamor. But my question is, what if you cannot change that. What will you do? Magpapakamatay ba kayo if you were not able to do that? Sana ganun nga.

But that I doubt! In Japan, if a person (especially the sachos and the leaders) fails his colleagues or compatriots, he does a "seppuku" or disembowlment. But the thickeness of the face of our politicians is beyond compare. Even the experiment of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen wouldn't work. The thickness of the face of our politician is for Guiness Book of Record.

Please don't get me wrong. I am not losing hope. Because I still believe in miracle! Hahahaha.

Anyway, seriously, what will you do now DISHONORABLE TONGRESSMEN AND TONGRESSWOMEN if your will to institute change did not materialize? Will you step down? Will you go to Luneta and have yourself shot in public? If the answer is the latter, let me know and I will be happily pull the trigger for you. In that way, I will be a hero, because I have annihilated the people who make our country a big embarrassment to the world.

But with the kind of arrogance and callousness these politicians are, lying is just a natural as breathing for them.

I salute the few people who voted for status quo in the congress. As for the majority, please make your dream come true to reform the congress not for your own personal benefit, but for the benefit of the majority.

To Dato and Mikey, ang kakapal nyo. Remember you'll not be there in power forever.

GOD bless the Philippines!!!!

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Sunshine4Life said...

hi kapatid, tnx for sharing ur link with me. am glad to know u got this kind of blog. you laid down your frustrations and points so well and i agree with you.

ako nga nawalan na ako ng pag-aasa na maging magaling pa tayo na bansa. malapit na ksi tayo maging worst of the worst - in terms of political system. whew!