Friday, February 8, 2008

Mabuhay Ka, Noel Lozada! ANIMO LA SALLE!!!

I cancelled all my appointments to listen to the Senate hearing regarding the ZTE broadband scam.

As I was listening to the hearing, I cannot help but to shed tears and feel sad for the what was happening in our country. And at the same time, cry and elated due to the chivalrous act of Mr. Lozada. His statements about his direct knowledge in the ZTE broadband scam shows that he is telling the truth and this is reflected in the consistency, prudence, candidness and honesty.

The questions made by all the senators despite the fact that they tried to check the veracity of Mr. Lozada's statements and destroyed his credibilty by Senator Brenda Santiago proved futile.
He was consistent in all his statements and the senators tried to rattle him by asking the same questions all over again even if those questions was fallacy in itself (fallacy petitio principii or what we call "beating around the bush").

I just wish the the apologists of GMA would refrain in discrediting Mr. Lozada. Nope. You cannot put a good man down.

At this point, the senate hearing is still ongoing and I'm still awaiting for the end of this. I salute Mr. Lozada for his courage, integrity and sincerity. I may not understand his fear and anxiety he's undergoing right now, but I empathize with his one simple point ---- STOP CORRUPTION IN THE GOVERNMENT!

I also admire the media, the Association of Major Religious Superiors and all those who show their support to Mr. Lozada and his family through prayers, moral support and other forms.

Indeed, Mr. Lozada is an epitome of a TRUE LA SALLIAN. I'm happy and proud to see one "sinful hero" who stood by all the threats and insults hurdled especially by Sen. Brenda Santiago.

Mabuhay ka, Noel Lozada!



Arlene :=) said...

Hi!!! I totally agree with you on the chivalry of jun lozada. Risking his and his family's life and all. What i also appreciate is when he was asked about his motive on his revealing everything he knows about the deal and he answered " my father used to tell us that we should love this country and give something back to it for taking us in and he said, i guess i am just honoring my father" i am thinking now if there is a true blooded Filipino who will do it for his own country.... sad thing is... it is always one's own vested interest that prevails especially in our government.

Arlene :=) said...

anyway, ley us just continue praying for protection for Jun Lozada and his family as he do his own battles. There are lot of people affected and some good people have made choices that discredited themselves from the public eye... I hope these good people will be able to redeem themselves