Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Let's tie a yellow ribbon for Jocjoc Bolante & hang him to death

In a few more days, the elusive Jocjoc Bolante will soon be extradite for his anomalous and infamous "fertilizer scam".

The recent ruling of US Court of Appeals is an imminent indication that he will be extradited because there was no clear and valid reason for Jocjoc to seek assylum in the US.

Jocjoc is is the truth? Is it fair to all concerns? Tangna ka pag uwi mo ng Pilipinas yari ka!

Let us tie a yellow ribbon for Jocjoc and hang him to death, because of him, the farmers who were supposed to benefits from "fertilizer scam" are now suffering.

I guess, hanging him would be a good lesson to be taught to all the corrupt people in the government!

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