Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Are you happy with the decision of Supreme Court to axe Court of Appeals Associate Justice Roxas?

"Lutong makaw"! That's how I see the Supreme Court's decision to axe CA Associate Justice Vicente Roxas. Please don't get me wrong. I am not a lawyer nor a relative of Justice Roxas. But the way is I see the decision being handed down was not just at all.

In my previous blog, (How deeply corruption in the Philippine goverment permeates in the system) I mentioned that in looks like in GMA's reign that corruption has permeated that deep --- deep to the point that it even contaminated the judicial system of the country. Nakakasuka... nakakahiya!

I can also surmise that even during the time of the late President Marcos, corruption had never gone that far --- conquering the judicial system or high courts like Court of Appeals and Supreme Court, respecively.

Back then, Marcos was compelled to make Supreme Court "obsolete" by the virtue of Martial Law because he knew that the justices then were not going to be swayed by his whims and caprices or condoned his abuses. Otherwise, he would not have declared Martial Law.

What is my basis for this? Well, we are all not happy with the recent ruling of Supreme Court on Executive Privilege. This contraversial decision (remember, might is not always right --- majority voted for its validity) will inevitably posit further abuses on GMA. Because by just invoking "executive privilege", any attempt to investigate anomalies would just be stopped.

Anyway, going back to the contraversial decisions of Supreme Court on the 5 CA justices, I feel that the decision was half-hazardly done just to appease the people who doubt on the integrity of the country's judicial system.

Culpability wise, the degree of graveness and abuses of each justice involved are all the same. They are all involved and had done great disservice and injustice to the people who pay their salaries and wages by taking sides or partisan. But why pick on Justice Roxas? Because he is not an ally of GMA! Very simple.

I remember in my subject in the seminary, Moral Theology, the culpability is not just determined based on the actual act, but on the mere intention! I am sure, one of the bases for the decision made by the Supreme Court Justices is not legal context but on moral.

If this is right, then all of them must be axed, otherwise, the Supreme Court is sending wrong signal to the people by this kind of decision. As if they're saying, "it's okay to be corrupt and unethical, so long as it's not brazen!"

But methinks that regardless of culpabilty, they are all fucking guilty of gross ignorance of the law and as taxpayer, we deserve to have impartial justices in the courts, both Court of Appeals and Supreme Court. Otherwise, Cicero is wrong when he said, "The foundation of justice is good faith."

Obviously, none of these 5 CA justices acted in good faith in the case of Meralco-GSIS rift.

Hence, I suggest that let all of these justices be axed and burned to death!

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1 comment: said...

sino bang matutuwa sa ganung desisyon halata namang may pinapanigan ang korte suprema.

dapat sa lahat ng mga sangkot tanggalin na sa korte kasi di sila karapat-dapat sa posisyon nila dahil sila mismo ay may pinapanigan.

pero pano ngang silang maaalis kung ang naglagay sa kanila ang may hawak sa kanila. tiyak na para silang nakasandal sa pader