Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Why recall Gov. Ed Panlilio?

For some obvious reason, those who wish to set recall election against Gov. Ed Panlilio are bunch of corrupt people who opt to recall the good and plant the bad. When this happens, kawawa ang mga taga-Pampanga. They've made their choice and it will just be altered simply because of the "self-serving" political ambitions of "alliance of the three demons" composed of Candaba Mayor Jerry Pelayo, Vice-Gov. Yeng Guiao and the former manicurist turned politician Lilia Pineda!
Hahaha! I'm glad Mark Lapid is a good sport.

What have you done to your province? Except to propogate jueteng and lick the ass of GMA! Nothing more, nothing less! Ask Yeng Guiao if his dad had done any good to Pampanga who ruled it for such a long time! Where did the quarry money go Yeng during the term of your dad? Tang ina nyo wala naman kayong ginagawa kundi mag-ubos ng oras at sumipsip kay Gloria. Matatapos na ang termino nya kaya mawawala na din kayo. Mga bugok!!!

I just wish that the rational cabalens of Among Ed will not condone this move lest the entire Pampanga will be led to damnation instead of salvation! Sana naman maisip nyo yang mga ginagawa nyong tatlong demonyo kayo! Bwahahahaha! At balita ko yung tatlo demonyo nagsama pa ng mga paring demonyo! Mga father ilan na ang inanakan nyo? Ay mali, I mean magkano ba ang binayad sa inyo.You want to recall a good leader like Among Ed and plant a rotten one?

You're so fucking wicked!!! Go to hell!!!!

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