Friday, March 14, 2008

KAPALMUKS, another jargon we can add in ZTE SCANDAL

With the advent of new jargons namely, bukol and tongpats, I think we can add another one, this time let's call it kapalmuks (or kapal ng mukha!)

Wala ng sisidhi pa sa kakapalan ng mukha ng pamahalaan na ito na pinamumunuan ni GLORIA MACAPAL ARROVO.

They say, "a tree rots from the top and not from below". No wonder our country is going to the dogs now. The continuous braggadocio and propaganda of our government are all covered with lies. The economy may have grown in "numbers" not because of the economic policies of this rotten government but because of the remmitance sent by our hardworking "labor exports". Di ba KAPALMUKS talaga? Taking the credit from the Filipinos who left their family behind in order to provide food on the table of every family. Remember, this was the "positioning" of the government in the campaign made by GMA. Where's the food? Eh yung fertelizer nga na makakatulong sa mga magsasaka ninakaw pa ng gobyernong ito? At nasaan si Jojoc? Ayun nagpapasarap sa Amerika. Di ba KAPALMUKS talaga!

I can cite so many instances that this government is indeed KAPALMUKS PAR EXCELLENCE. Di naman tayo bulag eh, di ba?

After all GMA is just being true to her initial - GLORIA MAKAPAL AKO. In short, KAPALMUKS AKO.

Well, that's another jargon we can add care of ZTE scandal. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

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