Friday, March 14, 2008

Quo vadis, Joker Arroyo?

I remember during the seemingly blockbuster "tele-drama" of Erap's impeachment trial, my "idol" Joker Arroyo, impressed the lawyers, law students, students and all televiewers nationwide on how brilliantly and gallantly he established that the forged signature of Jose Velarde was that of Erap.

To further dramatize it, he even hit the last nail that sealed Erap's coffin by saying, "This country cannot be run by a thief." I am sure, back then, everybody who were watching nodded to agree to this fiery statement of Joker Arroyo.

But apparently, Joker was just joking after all.

Why? Because he knows in is heart and mind that the "faked Philippine president" GLORIA MACAPAL ARROVO is also a thief, right? But how come he could not condemn GMA with the same intensity? Granting if not on the same intensity, what makes it sickening is the fact that Joker is brazenly protecting GMA. He became an apologist of GMA. What could be the reason? Until now, I cannot fathom the reason behind his continuous Pro-GMA stand? Is it because he received something in return from GMA?

This seemingly senile actuation of Joker Arroyo is so disgusting. It appears that Joker is not even interested to know the truth! So, what gives? Is he keeping something from the Filipino people? Is he trying to protect GMA? Or is he trying to protect himself? That, we still don’t know. UNLESS HE WOULD ALLOW THE TRUTH TO COME OUT, HE WOULD NEVER BE CLEARED ON THIS MATTER. AND I AM SURE, MANY OTHER FILIPINOS ALL OVER THE WORLD FELT BETRAYED FOR JOKER'S JOKE. AS INEVITABLE, FILIPINOS ALL OVER THE WORLD WILL UNCEASANTLY LAMBAST JOKER ARROYO FOR HIS CONTINUOUS BIAS IN FAVOR OF GMA. LASTLY, PEOPLE WILL NOT WANE TO QUEST FOR TRUTH AND JUSTICE.

As for Joker, there are only two reasons why you behave that way. Either you have been bought by GMA or you are already suffering from senelity. Either way, it's no good for you.

Remember, when the leopard dies, he will leave his skin, the man his dignity.

Quo vadis, JOKER ARROYO? Quo vadis, Pilipinas?

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