Monday, March 3, 2008

Ang mga BISHOPS ng EDSA 1 & 2, may mga BAYAG.... Ngunit ang mga BISHOPS ngayong panahon ng krisis, tila may BAYAD!!!

One thing that saddens me in this current political crisis is the seemingly non-chalant attitude of our bishops. I miss the days when I see the church galantly standing on its ground regarding the issues about corruption in the government.

I wonder why the church and the bishops continue to vacillate on the issue of corruption? Are they afraid to be taxed by the government which is the "blackmailing tactic" that the government uses against the church.

I understand the feeling of Fr. Rober Reyes and those other priests who miss the courage of the late Cardinal Sin. If cardinal Sin were alive today and this quagmire happens, I am pretty sure that he would make a clear stand of the church. Right now, the ambiguous stand of the church (and other fencesitters) about GMA and her dark knights, only posits further abuse on the part of the government.

To our cardinals and bishops, I hope you will find time to read (Rev. 3:16) when Jesus said, “Because you’re neither hot nor cold, I’ll spew you out of My mouth”

What is the difference with the EDSA 1 & 2 time and the current situation we are all experiencing now?

Ang mga BISHOPS ba ng EDSA 1 & 2 ay may mga BAYAG, ngunit ang mga BISHOPS ngayong panahon ng krisis kay GMA ay mayroon bang BAYAD?

Nagtatanong lang po???

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