Monday, March 3, 2008

Ano ba talaga, GLORIA?

I received a text from my uncle who was in the military service for more than 30 years. Here's the excerpt of teh text he sent me....

"First Gentleman nasa impiyerno.... Inapproach nya si Satanas at humingi ng permiso, "Boss, pwede ba akong tumawag sa asawa ko?" At pumayag naman si Satanas.

Pagkatapos ng tawag tinanong ni First Gentleman si Satanas, "Boss, magkano ho ang babayaran ko?" Sabi ni Satanas sa kanya, "BASTA DEVIL TO DEVIL, LIBRE!" Hahahaha!

I forwarded this text message to as many friends as possible including my friends in the media and they really liked it... they were entertained, maybe because for every joke there's an ounce of truth in it, they say.

Unfortunately (or shall I say, fortunately), one of the recepients of the text I sent to friends is a first cousin of the Macapagals.

He texted back to me and said, "CHIEF BUMISINA KA MUNA. FIRST COUSIN KO ANG MGA MACAPAGAL." And I realized it's true! I texted back to him and said, "Sorry if you are hurt. But it was a joke."


What do you think about my friends reaction? Me, I believe he is sincere for telling that "DEMONYONG TALAGA YANG MGA KAMAG-ANAK KO YAN!"Ü

Why? Because GMA and his DARK KNIGHTS have long forgotten that GMA was installed as President thru the help of the protesters (from all political spectra of the society), media group, church and other people. In short, the unceasant protests done by the people triggered the expulsion of ERAP. I remember, I was one of the people in the EDSA shrine after the infamous "No vote" in the senate.

My question is, how come GMA and his dark knights are depriving people to assemble, air their grievances and protest on the brazen corruption in the government? Is she afraid to taste her own medicine that was used before in ousting ERAP? Obviously she is.

But you could only suppress it for some time. This has been proven when the cruel emperor of Rome Nero tried to persecute all the Early Christians. Nero back then that by burning them alive and feeding them to the lions who scare aways those Christians who profess their faith.

Instead of lowering the number of Christians, they amazingly grew in number until Nero and other cruel successors became obsolete.

Perhaps, time will also come when GMA and her dark knights will become obsolete. I wish this happens very soon.

Why does GMA and her dark knights persecute the protesters? Ano ba talaga, GLORIA?

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