Monday, March 10, 2008

CONGRATULATIONS to GLORIA MACAPAL-ARROVO for giving (dis)honor to our country and its people

Mga kababayan, there is no reason to sulk. GLORIA MACAPAL, ay MACAPAGAL ARROVO, ay ARROYO pala has two major accomplishments in the Philippine history that she can brag about:

For the record, GMA is the only president in the entire history of the Philippine from the time of Aguinaldo, that has made ATENEO and LA SALLE synergized for a cause. Isn't that a great accomplishment? ANIMO LA SALLE! ANIMO ATENEO!

Not but not the least, the Philippines from second most corrupt country in ASIA, is now ranked as FIRST and the MOST CORRUPT country in Asia. I would not wonder if eventually we will be number one in the whole world.

With this kind of government, kulang na lang pati utot kukuhanan ng komisyon o kotong. Ang lupit talaga. This government wouldn't even mind allowing other countries to explore our own domain at the expense of our security and in exchange for a few million dollar loan.

Allowing that is tantamount to inviting a guest in your own home and let the guest rape either your wife or one of your daughters.

Ganun na talaga ang pamahalaan na ito. Bastusan na ika nga.

My late mother said, "when one is rude, don't make it two." Sorry, 'Nay to defy you. I won't be able to follow that noble axiom." When the government is rude, fight them back. Don't take it sitting down. Condemn their indifference.

Kayo mga kababayan, will you just allow yourself to be identified with the most corrupt country in Asia? I think that's also the strategy of the government, that is, to embarrass their kababayans so that her kababayans will just leave the county, work in other country, send money to the Philippines so that GMA can brag again that she made the Philippine Economy strong. ULOL! DREAM ON GMA! Saying that is like saying that you've grown several inches high. Hahahaha.

Guys, let’s congrats PHILIPPINES for being the most corrupt country in Asia.
Let’s congrats GMA’s nincompoop cabinet members. And above all, let's congrats GMA for a well done job. Email her, write editors, write a blog.

As Bernard Shaw said, "To withhold deserved praise lest it should make its object conceited is as dishonest as to withhold payment of a just debt lest your creditor should spend the money badly."

CONGRATULATIONS to GLORIA MACAPAL-ARROVO for giving (dis)honor to our country and its people!


batang aware said... forgot something, let's also congratulate her for the new dictionary that was produce which includes the terms they use for corruption like tongpats, bukol, etc....talaga pong marami nang accomplishmants ang pinakamamahal nating pangulo we're just not appreciating it..or shall we?..(",)

pinoy.politics said...

Tama ka batang aware. Tunay na ganap ang iyong kamalayan sa nagaganap sa ating lipunan. Ang mga kabataang katulad nyo ay syang magiging pag-asa at tanglaw ng ating bayan kundi kayo PAPATUNGAN (Hahaha. Joke only) at MABUBUKULAN.

Mabuhay ka! Isa kang tunay na Pilipino! Harinawa'y dumami pa ang iyong lahi. GOD bless!