Monday, March 10, 2008

Tumiklop ka din JESLI!

Finally, the stubborness of Jesli Lapuz, the uneducated Secretary of Education suddenly folded up in implementing the Memoradum No. 13.

Why did it happen? Because he cannot stand the heat of the oven, hence, he got out of the kitchen. Guys, let's not get tired pressuring Malacanan thru email and copy all our relatives and friends abroad especially the ones who are labelled or called by the government "BAGONG BAYANI" pero pag dating sa airport kinikikilan! The only time our balikbayans and OFWs experience "smooth sailing thru all the queues at the airport is when the government come up again with their "HYPOCRITE PROGRAM" of "Salubungin ang Mga Bagong Bayani". Otherwise, the ordeal is the. The cycle never ends especially among the "Bureau of Cost-Tong" personnel.

Nakakalungkot, barya-barya na nga lang tinitira pa! Nakakasuka. Imagine the sacrifice of our OFWS and Balikbayans who are actually made our country's economy look good at least in the paper. Saying that our economy is good but the people don't feel the effect, is akin to telling the people I will feed you with ham, but I will just hang it on the beam!

I can analyze the dynamics of the behavior of the people in the government, esp. that of GMA. They will try to push everyone and everything to the limit, even the law, they are willing to bend it for their own sake and benefit.

Let us be vigilant. Let us continueencouraging our relatives and friends to write the government, newspapers and come up with blog condemning the corruption in the government. Let us not give up and lose hope.

Look at stubborn Jesli. tumiklop din ang hunghang!

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