Monday, March 17, 2008


Nakakalungkot ang nangyari sa Cebu sa pagdalaw ni Jun Lozada. Ang MASS FOR TRUTH ay nacancel for no valid reason at all. Pero di naman tayo bobo, nakakalungkot pero we have to accept the fact that the ARROVO government can use the taxpayers money to divide the nation, to hide the truth and to pay the supposed principled people like Cardinal Vidal.

Well, everyone has a price, they say.

I remember the anecdote about the honorable Ship Captain. This captain is known for his integrity and courage. He doesn't tolerate illegal stuff to be embarked in his ship. One time, a rich corrupt politician (sounds familiar isn't it?) approached the captain and convinced him to allow the shipment of illegal drugs and other smuggled goods but the good ship captain refused.

So what the rich corrupt politician did was to offer the captain P50, 000, 000.00 (fifty million pesos) hoping that the captain will accept the bribe. But still, the captain was adamant. He did not succumb to the offer of the rich corrupt politician. Then a counter offer was made by the rich corrupt politician, this time for the amount of P200,000,000.00 (two hundred million pesos). But again, the captian refused. Then the rich corrupt politician said, "Captain this will be my last offer, P 500,000, 000.00 (five hundred million pesos)". The captian was very furious, took his gun and poked to the rich corrupt politician and said, "Get out of my ship, you're getting closed to my price."

The Holy Bible said, "gold has corrupted many kings." I hope the good Cardinal Vidal and his priests would keep that in mind. Remember, "what profits a man if he gain the whole world, but lost his own soul?"

In my subject moral theology, I remember the difference between "concealment" and "lying". Obviously, these priests, cardinals and bishops who are becoming indifferent in knowing the truth about the ZTE scandal are becoming accessory to the crime and have the same moral "culpability" with those who are also keeping the truth to be known like GLORIA MACAPAL ARROVO and her Dark Knights.

Here's my closing question to the bishops and priests and above all with Cardinal Vidal, CARDINAL VIDAL, KAMPON BA KAYO NG KATOTOHANAN O NG KADILIMAN?

Nagtatanong lang po....

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